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Photos of December 11, 2007 Ops Session
It was the last operating session of the year for the Chicago & Mackinac Railroad, but we had
a very good turn out.  In fact, we had the largest operating crew ever for the C&M, with 10
operators and the Superintendent present.

Below you will find a variety of photos, unfortunately, some are not as sharp as we usually
photos, here are the stats for the night:
The Operators

We  had a total of 10 operators and a Superintendent.  The Dispatcher was Seth Neumann, the
Grand Rapids Yardmaster was  
Andy Schnur and the Mackinaw City yardmaster was Jeff Osborn.

The road operators were
Les Dahlstedt, Jim Diaz and Stanley Keiser.   Plus we had four operators
that were attending their first C&M operating session.  They were
Chuck Mitchell, Tom Lawler,
Keith Gillette and Brian Liljeblad.
 Tom wins the "operator from the farthest away" award, coming in
all the way from Oregon.  
The equipment seemed to work well.  Since we added 30 some new cars and a half a dozen new
engines to the layout for this session, I was reasonably pleased with the overall performance of the
railroad.  We still had some early-on problems with the headsets that need some attention before the
next session.       Here are the pictures:
9 turns (5 out and 4 back)
8 through freight
2 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Online customer deliveries and pick ups totalled
70 cars at industrial sidings (not
including the Walton Junction and Kalkaska Branch setouts/pickups) and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
12 express loads in our passenger operations.  
Congradulation everyone,
the above numbers set a new C&M car movement
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See you next year - have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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The move of the day:
This month Seth took over the
dispatched the C&M in the past,
things went pretty smooth.  Since
month Seth took over the pretty
busy all night.  He kept
dispatcher's duties.  Since he has
see bottom of page-near
cornfield meet
This month's Move of the Day took
Turn.  In the pic at the right, the the
This month's Move of the Day took
This month's Move of the Day took
the Station Track (on the right -
meet between Southbound X-328,
Northbound X-309 and the Cadillac
caboose is shown) and X-328
(C-425) is heading south toward the
caboose couldn't quite clear the
The problem was that X-309's main
X-309 and X-328 were too long to
clear on the Station Track.
The solution was to have the
Cadillac Turn pull the rear-end off
of X-328 and move it into the clear
You can see the caboose of
X-309 moving north past the
Cadillac Turn tacked on X-328's
rear-end and it was off seen
moving past the Auto Valve of
Cadillac Turn clear to continue it's
The RDC Commuters (#86 and #87)
meet in Traverse City, right on
schedule, while the Traverse City Turn
waits in the industrial track.
The yardmasters: Andy in Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids yard pretty full by the end
of the session (above).  Jeff had the
Mackinaw City yard nearly cleaned out
at one point in the evening (above right).  With the random nature of our
car card/waybill system, you never know exactly how the traffic pattern will
be in any one session.  
Here's Jim
working the
Cadillac Turn.  
He seems to be
having a good
Hey Les, no he is
checking Hey Les,
no the job!!  Here
Hey Les, no the
job!!  Here he is
checking his
paperwork before
taking a road
freight out of
Grand Rapids.
Here is Stanley working the Grand Rapids Industrial Turn (left) and Tom working the Petoskey Turn (center) and
Keith running a through freight near Traverse City (right).  Tom and Keith were first time C&M operators.
Another 1st time C&M operator, Brian  
(a little out of focus) is working the
passenger train #102 up in Traverse
City, spotting cars at the Express Depot..
Chuck, the 4th first time C&M
operator, is working the
Grand Rapids Industrial Turn
with help from Stanley.
Tom and Brian are figuring out how to
get the #102 passenger train through
Petoskey.  They finally figured it out!
Although it is difficult to see, here is the
Commuter #88 ready to meet a
southbound freight on a section of
operators recognized the potential
cornfield meet and contacted the
Here is a meet at Boardman Lake.  Keith
was the engineer in the X2410 and kept
everyone apprised of his presence with
his bell & whistle!