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Photos of November 20, 2007 Ops Session
The holidays took their effect on the November C&M operating session.  We ended up with
the smallest crew yet for an operating session - four crew member plus the
Superintendent.  Although we were short on crews, I believe we all ended up long on fun.  
We all kept very busy and moved a very good number of trains and cars.   

Because we were all so busy, we did not get a large number of photos of the session but I
am including the ones we did take below.  Here are the stats.
The Operators

We  had 4 operators and a Superintendent.  The Superintendent, Bob Osborn pulled triple
duty serving as the Superintendent, the dispatcher and a road crew.   
Andy Schnur was the
Mackinaw City yardmaster and
Cliff Linton was the Comstock Park Grand Rapids yardmaster.

The other two operators were,
Stanley Keiser and Les Dahlstedt.  They, along with Bob,
handled most of the road freights and local turns, along with a PRR Interchanger run.  With only
everyone was pretty busy getting the freight and passengers over the road.  From the statistics
above, the engine crews were not only busy, but pretty darn effective.

We had the same mysterious problem with one of the Pere Marquette passenger E-7's, with
jerky operation on the southbound trip of the passenger train #101.  This time I know what the
problem was.  With the new chipset from CVP Products, it is necessary to reset CV #11 to zero
to eliminate some known problems. When I re-set the decoder on the locomotive #95 after last
sessions meltdown, I failed to set that CV to zero.  After this session, I properly set that CV and
the locomotive ran perfectly.  Superintendent error (again!!!)

The problems with the E-7 made for an interesting move.  The passenger train #101 made it
out of Mackinaw City to Petoskey where it's engine was bad ordered.  The Mackinaw City
yardmaster sent out a C&M 300 Class Alco Century on a lite move to carry the train south from
Petoskey to it's final destination in Grand Rapids.
The total number of cars moved was 216 in a total of 21 different trains:

2 passenger trains (the commuters were annulled)
8 turns (out and back)
7 through freight
1.5 PRR interchanger's (out and back)
2 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Our on-line customers were served well, as we delivered and picked up a total of
cars at industrial sidings (not including the Walton Junction and Kalkaska Branch
setouts/pickups) and in addition, we even picked up/setout a total of
16 express
loads in our passenger operations.
Good session, especially with a small crew.
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Thanks Everyone
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The move of the day:
Petoskey.  Things got a little busy when the the one
town made it a little tight.

The southbound through freight engineered by Bob is
in the Petoskey "0" track on the left.  His engine is out
of sight on the top left of the photo.  The northbound
through freight, headed by the C&M 300 Class Alco
Century and driven by Les, is on the main track
(second track from the left).

Stanley is running the Petoskey Turn on the siding
(third track from the left) and the Petoskey Express
Track is the track on the right (right in front of the
Petoskey Station.

The crews worked together, utilizing a saw-by to get
everyone through and on their way.

    Good fun.
the dispatcher.  In addition to being the
dispatcher, he maintained his usual
Superintendent duties plus ran a bunch
of through freights.  Unfortunately, as
he gets older, juggling more than one
job gets difficult!
Clif was the Comstock Yard (Grand Clif
was the Comstock Yard (Grand (sitting
Yardmaster.  He is shown here Rapids)
Yardmaster.  He is shown here (sitting
down on the job!) running a PRR and
then north into the yard.  You can see the
Pennsy interchanger (two Century 425's
Clif was the Comstock Yard (Grand Clif in
Pennsy freight green) under Cadillac.  
Because of the shortage perform different
job, making the session perform different
job, making the session more interesting
and certainly not boring!
Les is shown here working the Cadillac
Turn.  The Cadillac passenger station
Les working the Mackinaw City Yard.
Here is Andy (Mackinaw City
Yardmaster) and Stanley discussing
how to get a train out of the yard.  
As I recall, Stanley was helping Andy
hostle engines in the yard.
They should, as they just moved 216 cars in a
fast 24 hours period.  Because of the low crew
cost and the high volume of traffic moved, the
November.  That means we can afford to
operate in December!!!  See you then.