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Photos of October 16, 2007 Ops Session
We had first time C&M yardmasters in Grand Rapids and in Mackinac City, our dispatcher,
although experienced, was the first time dispatching the C&M, we had two first time C&M
operators and we were two crew members short of a full crew.  Wow, despite all of that, things
moved along pretty well.  Our other operators have operated on the C&M before, and did a
great job of making the railroad hum.  
dispatching, which he polished off with not problem.  Les Dahlstedt handled the Mackinac City yardmaster
The other operators functioned as the train crews and included  
John Blunden, along with first time C&M
Dick Roberts (who came in from the San Diego area) and Stanley Keiser.  Again this session,
we had problems with the radios, however, I now believe I know how to take them off of VOX (I had to read
the instructions).  Next session, we should not have that problem at the beginning of the sessions.

The two Pere Marquette passenger E-7's both mysteriously died at the same time up in Mackinac City
Yard.  Still do not know what happened, but I reset the decoders back to the original factory settings and
after some quick programming, both units run just fine.  Unfortunately, I have no idea what caused the
problem so I cannot figure out how to prevent it happening again in the future.  Although the problem did
facilitate the Move of the Day.
4 passenger trains
6 turns (out and back)
6 through freight
2 PRR interchanger's (out and back)
2 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Our on-line customers were served well, as we delivered and picked up a total of
cars at industrial sidings (not including the Walton Junction and Kalkaska Branch
setouts/pickups) and in addition, we even picked up/setout a total of
10 express
loads in our passenger operations.
Considering the issues noted above, the session went extremely well!
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Another great ops session -
Thanks Everyone
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the dispatcher.  Since of
opportunity to run the
Grand Rapids Industrial
Turn, while he was
dispatching. He did both
jobs very well.

The Grand Rapids
Industrial area is
located just behind the
DS panel so he didn't
have to go very far from
his DS office.
The move of the day:
lowly C&M 150 class RS-3 (engine number 156).  #101
cars.  A profitable run for the C&M.

1. #101 eases out of Mackinac City Yard
2. It moves out of the Mackinac City A/D Yard between
two in bound freights.
3. The RS-3 is working hard up the Carp Lake grade.
4. Engineer Stanley approaching Petoskey with #101.
5. The tail end of #101 passing the north bound freight
in Cadillac as John checks out the meet.
Here is visitor
Dick Here is
visitor Dick
turn.  He
working the
looks like he
the work.
southbound PRR
interchanger, with 2
Centuries meeting
Seth's GRI siding.
Here is Andy, the Grand Rapids,  
Although it looks like the yard is pretty
full now, he kept the yard pretty clear
with a good flow all night.  Good job
Here's John checking his
waybills in Cadillac -
Turn.  John went out and
back in record time.
Les volunteered for the Mackinac City
Yardmaster job.  It was a tough job.  
You can see the yard is pretty full at
this time.  And it gets worse!  I see the
Superintendent in the background.  He
looks like he is having a good time.  
Things must be running well!!!
how did all of
get into as he
looks Les
was heard
"Hey, Les
was trying to
figure out a
Here is John and Les
trying to squeeze the
double headed freight
(Gray & maroon D&M
Here's John checking his
waybills on a NB Through
Freight in Grand Rapids
John & Andy discuss John's next
assignment.  Boy, GR Comstock Park
Yard (at the right of the photo) looks
really clean!
At the end of the night a mini bull
area.  Here are Les, John, Dick, Seth
and Stanley.