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Photos of September 18, 2007 Ops Session
We skipped operating in August.  It was a crazy month for the family.  
However, we were back in September.

I believe the railroad, for the most part, ran well and I think a good time was
had by all.   Here is a very brief recap of the session and a couple of
We had a first time C&M operator in the Grand Rapids yardmaster position and the Mackinac
City yardmaster was operating that yard for the first time.  Our dispatcher was a seasoned
veteran with one previous C&M dispatching experience under his belt.  The other operators
have operated on the C&M before, so for the most part we had an experienced crew running
the railroad.

6 passenger trains
4 PRR interchangers (out and back)
2 boat interchangers (estimated - out and back)

Our on-line customers were served well, as we delivered and picked up a total of
cars at industrial sidings (not including the Walton Junction and Kalkaska Branch
loads in our passenger operations (
BIG Bucks for the C&M)!

Not Bad!
We  had 8 operators and a Superintendent.  The dispatcher was Jeff Osborn who did a great job.  He
orchestrated a pretty saw-by meet in Cadillac (see photos below).  
Seth Neumann volunteered for the
Mackinac City yardmaster job and
Cliff Linton (first time C&M operator) volunteered for the Grand
The other operators functioned as the train crews and included  
John Blunden, Les Dahlstedt, Chris  
being the dispatcher.  Seems like the first couple of minutes of an operating session is getting the radios
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Jeff volunteered to be the DS by default, since no-one else volunteered
for the position.  He did a great job and trains seemed to run fluidly all
evening.  Jeff set up the move of the day as photographed below.  
Good Job Jeff.
1. Here is extra 314 South coming into
Cadillac on the Main (long nose
2. Here comes extra 328 North on the
station track (short nose forward).  
Unfortunately, the siding is occupied
by the Cadillac Turn working the
industries in the town so it was not
available for a meet at this time.
3. Looking south, Extra 314 is as
of Extra 328 North is not quite
clear of the station track switch.
4. Looking north from the station, Extra 328 is as far as
it can go on the station track (far right track) with rear
end still fouling the main - see photo #3 above.  The
siding (as mentioned, occupied by the Cadillac Turn).  
The Cadillac Turn saved the day pulling off the rear
end of X-328 and stuffing it into the siding to allow
X-314 to continue south to clear up the town.  Lots of
fun with this move.
The Meet of the day
dispatcher not knowing the
exact car capacity of the Station
Track in Cadillac.  Unfortunately
for the DS, the Station Track
Here is Greg running the
Here is Greg running the
just north of Traverse
City.  Little did he know
that in a couple of
involved with "the meet"!
Greg looks a little
tired.Greg looks a little
Andy was working the Traverse City
Turn while a through train (maybe
Extra 328 South) (in the foreground)
rolled through town.
Here is Seth who volunteered
Here is Seth who volunteered
yardmaster position.  First
time in MC for Seth and, as
much fun as he apparently is
waiting for a train.  Chris is
working the Cadillac Turn (on the
right of the pic) and Cliff is the
Grand Rapids yardmaster (with
his back to the camera).  Things
are a bit crowded in the corridor.
Here's Les up in
working the like
he is working
the like he is
Course he did.
southbound from the Mackinac
southbound from the Mackinac
Grand Rapids yard.City
Arrival/Departure yard with the
John & Andy are seen here
admiring the beautiful Jade
Green color of the NYC 50'
boxcar on the Boat Track
above Traverse City.  I
Wayne staging (below Cadillac). A
Super's job is never done.
Looks like
Seth, Bob
and Andy are
waiting for a
train up in
City.  Hope
they Hope
they catch it.
Well, that's it for now.  We will
do it all again next month.  
Thanks everyone.
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