The Dispatchers
Operations - July 19, 2011
Well, we made it through the Sacramento National Convention and related activities and now it
was time to get back to operations.  We had a good crew, but did not break any traffic records
in either trains run or cars moved, but I think we had a good time.

Sorry for the delay in posting this operation analysis, but life is getting in the way of my model
The Operators
We had pretty much all East Bay operators this time.  The operators in attendance were:
Larry Altbaum, Steve Kleszyk, Stanley Keiser, Jim Diaz, John Blunden, Jeff Osborn, John
Sutkus and Andy Schnur.
4 1st class passenger trains,  2  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
12  turns (out plus back),   5 through freights
2 PRR interchanger's (2 out plus 2 back),  1 boat interchanger's (1 in and 1 out)
2 Ann Arbor & Kalkaska Interchange runs (out plus back),  2  unit coal trains (one south and one north)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
81 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked up/setout a total of 12
express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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The Operators
As usual, Andy stepped up and
took one for the team.  Since
no-one volunteered to dispatch,
Andy took the job.  And again, as
usual, he did a great job,
averting cornfield meets like a
pro.  Plus, when Andy
dispatches, I can read the
trainsheet!!  thanks Andy.
Steve volunteered to take the second
trick DS position allowing Andy to run
some trains.  With Andy loose on the
mainline, Steve needed to be extra
careful.  Steve has a habit of
completing the trainsheet in a very
readable fashion also.  Great job
dispatchers.  Thanks.
Well, that's it.
That is about all I can remember.  It is a bit short, but I
will try to remember to take more photos in the future.  
See you next time.

Bob Osborn
Superintendent, Chicago & Mackinac
Jeff took on the big Grand
Rapids Yardmaster job.  This
photo was taken early on in
the operations, before the
tears starting to develop!!!.  
Good Job Jeff. - Nice Hat!
John took over the
Mackinaw City Yard.  He did
a great job of preparing for,
accepting and getting out
all of the scheduled trains.  
Things got a little plugged
up near the end but John
took everything that was
thrown at him.  

Good Job yardmasters, and
The Northwoods Fast
heading over the big "Isle
Bridge" toward Cadillac.

Here it is seen crossing the
Ann Arbor Junction, just
north of Cadillac.

#210 heading into Walton
Junction.  For those of you
familiar with Walton Jct,
you will notice that #210 is
on the grain loading track
not the mainline!!. Trouble
Left, Stanley working Traverse City.  He doesn't look
too happy!

Right, Jim working the Grind Job,  He also doesn't look
very happy!
Left, John working Cadillac.  He doesn't seem too
happy either.

Right --FINALLY, Larry looks happy.  For a while
there, I was beginning to think everyone was unhappy!
The coal must get through.  Left, there goes the southbound coal through a busy
Cadillac.  Above center, the cabooses pass each other.  Above right, Jim is delivering
the coal to the West Olive power plant.  
Cadillac can get pretty busy during a hard day's work on the
railroad, as shown here.  Steve is happy that he is not the
Cadillac Turn!  The northbound Local #102 is going through
on the Station Track with a northbound and a southbound
through freight on the main and the siding and the Cadillac
Turn working the town.  Nearly gridlock but the dispatcher
skillfully got the traffic through (with a little luck).
Some fool left the
switch set for the
grain loading
track and #210 barreled into the hoppers being loaded.
No blood, no foul.  After cleaning up the mess, # 210
continued on it's way!!
Here is the
Northwoods Fast
Freight, Trian #211
heading through
The Northwoods Fast Freight
The Northwoods Fast Freight is an important element of the
Chicago & Mackinac's profit plan.  Good work crew!  Hopefully
the insurance company will cover all of the damage.
first scheduled timetable meet in
Traverse City.  After that, the schedule
went to hell in a handbasket!!!!