The Coal
The Dispatchers
Operations - July 2, 2011
The Advanced Section of the NMRA National Convention.
The C&M hosted a crew of distinguished operators attending the advanced section of the
Sacramento national convention.  What a great group of people.  They came from all around the
country and did a great job of making the C&M sing, unfortunately, some times off key, but it
really sang!!  We ran for about 5 hours not counting our lunch break. We didn't break any records
for moving trains/cars but I think everyone had a good time.
The Operators
Our operators came from far and wide and included:  Doug Blair, Rich Coleman, Jim Dalberg, Bill and Mary Deeter, Jack Eierman, Al Huberty, Mike
Quest and Doug Harding.  C&M operators extraordinaire, John Blunden and Jeff Osborn also added their experience.  Al Huberty graciously
volunteered to be the first trick dispatcher and Doug Blair took the second trick dispatcher job.  Bill and Mary Deeter took over the Grand Rapids,
Comstock Park Yard and Rich Coleman volunteered for the Mackinaw City Yard.  Thanks for volunteering.  We operated for about 40 scale time hours
(5 or so real hours).
2 1st class passenger trains,  0  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
9  turns (out plus back),   11 through freights
4 PRR interchanger's (2 out plus 2 back),  2 boat interchanger's (1 in and 1 out)
0 Ann Arbor & Kalkaska Interchange runs (out plus back),  2  unit coal trains (one south and one north)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
68 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked up/setout a total of 0
express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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The Operators
Random Shots
Al stepped up to the plate and
volunteered for the 1st trick DS
position.  Jeff, an experienced
volunteered for the 1st trick DS
Al stepped up to the plate and
position.  Jeff, an experienced
volunteered for the 1st trick DS
ropes.  This was Al's first trip to
position.  Jeff, an experienced
C&M dispatcher, went over the
volunteered for the 1st trick DS
the C&M in California, and did a
job duties and showed Al the
tremendous job keeping things
moving and not running into one
another.  Great job Al.
Doug took over the 2nd trick
Dispatcher duties and I understand
that this was Doug's first shot at
dispatching.  Well, you would have
never known that, as Doug just kept
things moving during his entire
tenure.  Al did the handoff and Doug
just took over.  Great job Doug and
thanks for giving Al a chance to run
the railroad.
We had a great crew, all pretty experienced and all kept the trains
moving across the railroad.

1. Jim working Cadillac.  He is smiling now - this was early on, before the
reality of the Cadillac Turn set in!

2. Jack is up in Petoskey working ITT Thompson.

3. Mike is seen here working the Traverse City Turn.  He was heard
mumbling "What did I get myself into?".  Traverse City is pretty tight.

4. Here is Al after he was released from the Dispatchers job.  He is
happy to be anywhere but dispatching!  He is working the Walton
Junction grain turn.  BTW, Al was a crew member on the first C&M
Railroad back in Michigan way back about 30 or so years ago.  (We
were only 12 years old back then).

5.Jack and Doug are trying to figure out how to get through Petoskey!

6. We let Mary get out of the yard for a little while and she drew a
Petoskey turn.  Unfortunately, time ran out and she could not finish the
Turn.  Mary, the job goes much easier if you open your eyes!

7.  Doug is shown here running a southbound train on the upper level
between Petoskey and Traverse City.  He looks like he is giving us the
evil eye!

8.  Here is Doug B. before he took over the DS job.  He still has some
sanity left.  Shown here rolling a through freight through Walton Junction.
The Crew
Back Row - Jim, Rich, John, Doug, Al & Bob
Bottom - Doug, Jack, Mike and the Deeter Group, Bill & Mary
reasonably good time so it was a great
operation.  Thanks Crew, Hope to see
Francisco Bay Area again, give me a
call and we can get together.

Bob Osborn, Superintendent,
Chicago & Mackinac
come operating day.  Right is the
grain train heading south on the
main in Cadillac.  Below that is the
Grain train meeting a northbound
through freight.  Below, both trains
resume their journey.
Rich volunteered for the
took everything that was
thrown at him and kept his
yard open all session plus
he left the yard in great
shape.  Thanks Rich.
Train is caught Soo
Line Unit Coal
between easing
through Cadillac
under the confident
control of Jim.  It is
seen meeting a
northbound thru train
in Cadillac and then
Coal being
delivered to the
Consumers Power
Plant in West Olive.
The "Deeter Group", Bill
and Mary, ran the Grand
Rapids yard very well.  
They make a good team!  
With some help from our
experienced C&M operator,
moving.  It was a little iffy at
times but they worked the
yard well.
The coal empties
are seen here on
it's northbound
trip back to the
Soo Line, taking
the siding in
In case anyone didn't figure this out, the management of the
C&M likes unit coal trains!!  Good job Jim, the customer is
happy and the C&M made some big bucks on your run.  
Look for a bonus in your next pay envelope?