The Dispatcher
Bay Rails Operations - March 19, 2011
Our third operations for Bay Rails 2011 took place on Saturday, March 19th.  We had eight guest
operators and three "mentor/helpers", plus, of course, the slave driving Superintendent.  We had
guests from Oregon, Washington State and various parts of California.  A widespread group but,
WOW, they all knew how to operate a railroad.  We blew every record right out of the sky during
our longer than usual operations.

Our statistics were awesome (look at the Ops Stats page to see what I mean)  For the first time
ever, we move over 500 cars in 56 train moves.  Assuming that the dispatcher didn't jimmy the
trainsheet, we beat the most car moves for a single operations by over 125 cars.  Our online
shippers and operating partner railroads were ecstatic. Best of all, it appeared that everyone was
having fun.  Not much time to rest between runs, as everyone kept pretty busy.  We operated for
approximately 44 fast clock hours (about 5,5 actual operating hours).  Anyway you look at it, we
moved a lot of cars.
The Operators
Salmon, WA) and operators Curtis Kyger (Hood River, OR), Kent Williams (Nevada City, CA) Matt Hoffman (Atascadero, CA), Breezy Gust
(Lincoln, CA), Joe Simon (White Salmon, WA) and Paul Deis (Paso Robles, CA).  Our helpers were Andy Schnur (Andy left alittle early) and
John Blunden, (Steve Kleszyk dispatched).  A great group of people with whom I enjoyed operating.
The total number of cars moved was 543 in a total of 56 train moves:
4 1st class passenger trains,  0  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
22  turns (out plus back),  14 through freights
8 PRR interchanger's (4 out plus 4 back),   6 boat interchanger's (2 out and 2 back)
2 Ann Arbor Interchange runs (out plus back),  2  unit coal trains (one south and one north)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
161 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked up/setout a total of
express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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The Operators
We had some reluctant visiting operators
volunteer".  Well, since no visitors was in
place, so Steve had to last the entire day
without any booze - and he made it!  In
addition, Steve did a fabulous job.  We
had 56 train moves and moved over 500
cars, so he never had a chance to take
his usual nap!  Thanks Steve, you did a
Great job that will never be topped.
Dave reluctantly volunteered for the Grand
Rapids yardmaster position.  John worked with
Dave the entire day and they certainly worked
well together.  They managed 4 PRR
interchange runs (out and back) and kept the
yard open for all trains.  There were times
when things got a bit hairy, but they kept things
moving.  Seeing the number of trains and cars
moved, you guys did an extraordinary job.
Clockwise from above left: Curtis is working the north end of Petoskey
with the Petoskey Turn.  Kent is shown working the Cadillac Turn.  Joe is
trying to keep his sanity working the Traverse City Turn and Joe is
helping Don in Mackinaw City.  Boy everyone is really serious!!

John is busy helping Dave in the Grand Rapids yard.  Finally, someone
is having fun! Its Breezy in one of his two GRIND jobs.  Someone
overheard him muttering to himself, "what have I done to get 2 GRIND
jobs?  I need my shrink!".  Paul looks happy working the Traverse City
turn and finally Matt is up in Petoskey doing some work with his train.

A couple of guests have been here before, like Paul and Kent.  They are
wondering why they came back!!??   Great fun everyone. Thanks.
The Crew
operation.  Pretty impressive guys.  56 train moves and over 500 cars, a mark that will never be beat. I really enjoyed
seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  This was the last of my three in a row operations and I am so glad I had the
opportunity to operate three times. I was a bit concerned when I learned I would be operating three straight days, but
issues (and some big ones too) and I really enjoyed the entire process.  I even got some 'magic' lube out of it all!!!
Thanks for visiting and operating the Chicago & Mackinaw Railroad.
See you next time.
Bob Osborn, Superintendent, Chicago & Mackinac Railroad
Don stepped up and volunteered for the
Mackinaw City Yardmaster job.  In the picture
yard looks pretty full right from the get-go.  Don
from other operators when needed.  He quickly
above, Andy is showing him the ropes.  The
figured out the infamous A/D yard panel with the
yard looks pretty full right from the get-go.  Don
strange switches and worked it flawlessly. Plus,
worked the yard very smartly and utilized help
Don managed to fill the boat three times. Again,
based on the number of trains moved, it was a
masterful job.  Thanks Don.
Here is the unit coal train all spread
out, screwing up Comstock Park Yard!
When am I ever going to go home?<g>
Bye, see you next time.
and what a great crew it was
Back Row: Bob, Matt, Curtis, Joe and Don

Front Row:  Dave, Kent, Breezy, Paul and Andy

John and Steve are in the train room getting ready for all of the upcoming fun!
(You know, they look pretty
happy now, just wait till we
start operating!!!!)