The Dispatchers
Our second operations for Bay Rails 2011 took place on Friday, March 18th.  One of the other
layout owners needed to cancel his operating session so the C&M stepped into a pinch hitting
role.  We had eight guest operators and two "mentor/helpers", plus, of course the slave driving
Superintendent.  We had guests from Pennsylvania, Arizona, Missouri and California.  A
widespread group but they all knew how to operate a railroad.

We had some good statistics (moved 394 cars - the same number of trains but one fewer car than
yesterday's group) which indicates that either the dispatcher cheated on the train sheet or our
operators did a good job.  Probably the latter, but it was fun.  We operated for approximately 44
fast clock hours (about 5,5 actual operating hours).  Anyway you look at it, we moved a lot of cars.
The Operators
The operators included Dispatcher Eric Dervinis (Wayne PA), Yardmasters Tom Crawford (Fremont, CA) and David Doiron (Tempe, AZ),
and operators Jon Cure (Moorpark, CA), Mike Coen (Piedmont, CA), Richard and Venita Lake (St. Louis, MO) and Tom Melka (Merin,
CA).  Our helpers again were Andy Schnur and Steve Kleszyk.  A great group of people with whom I enjoyed operating.
4 1st class passenger trains,  0  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
13  turns (out plus back),  14 through freights
6 PRR interchanger's (3 out plus 3 back),   4 boat interchanger's (2 out and 2 back)
0 Ann Arbor Interchange runs (out plus back),  2  unit coal trains (one south and one north)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
97 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked up/setout a total of
express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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The Operators
dispatcher job.  Steve worked with him
initially, but Eric kept traffic moving all
day.  We moved 41 trains in our moved
well, so it was a very good job.  Thanks
Eric, for volunteering for this key position
and doing a great job.

Andy, an experienced C&M operator and
dispatcher took over from Eric toward the
little of the layout.  As expected, Andy
kept thing moving.  Thanks Andy.
yardmaster job.  David kept the yard moving all
day.  The photo above shows the yard pretty
full, but David took everything that was thrown
at him and kept everything moving, all with
minimal help from others.  This was David's first
visit to the C&M and he did a remarkable job in
the yard.  One of the best Grand Rapids YM
shows ever.  Quite impressive David.
Clockwise from above left:

Richard looks pretty intense working the GRIND.  Venita looks like she is having fun working Petoskey.  
But unfortunately, she got stuck on two Petoskey turns and I am sure she must have needed therapy when
she got home!  Jon is shown here working the Cadillac turn.  He buzzed through that turn in record time.     
Below right, Mike is shown working the Traverse City Turn. Someone heard him muddering "Where is the
nearest phone, I need to call the suicide hot-line right now" or something like that!! Tom is caught working
the Walton Junction turn.  He must have loaded a million empty covered hoppers.  Big bucks for the C&M.
Lower Left - Helper Steve is shown working Cadillac.  Thanks Steve for all of your help - all three days!
The Crew
Good Operations  
It appeared that everyone had a good time so it was a great operation.  I really enjoyed seeing old
straight days, but our guests are the greatest people in the world.  They made operating very easy and fun
for me and they put up with little issues (and some big ones too) and I really enjoyed the entire process.  
Thanks for visiting and operating the Chicago & Mackinaw Railroad.
See you next time.
Bob Osborn, Superintendent, Chicago & Mackinac Railroad
Tom reluctantly volunteered for the Mackinaw
City Yardmaster job.  Although Tom has
operated on the C&M before, he has never
accepted a yardmaster position.  Andy worked
with Tom for the first part of the operations
and the yard remained open all day.  Trains
moved in and out with little delay. Things got a
bit crowded for awhile, but Tom got things
cleared up.  Amazing.  Thanks Tom.
Here is the situation:  A 14 car through freight was released
from Grand Rapids with lease PRR power engine #2410,
an RS-27 which has notoriously poor pulling power.  As
would be expected, with the poor pulling power coupled with
engines, DM 479 & 530 were dispatched out of Grand meet
X-314 South.

We sent out the company helicopter to photograph the
#1 X-314 is heading south meeting the head end of
X-2410. X-2410 is on the main and X-314 is passing on the

#2 X-314 is mid way past X 2410

#3 X-314 is passing the helpers DM 479 & 530 at the tail
end of X-2410

#4 X-2410 starts moving north out of Traverse City and the
headend and rearend crew failed to communicate!  It is a
good thing that tank car was not involved or we would have
had the Michigan Natural Resource Nazis after us!

Now I remember why we do not run helpers on the
We moved some coal ($$ for the C&M).  Here it is
photographed with loads heading south at
Charlevoix (between Petoskey and Traverse City,
on its way to the West Olive Consumers Power Plan.
Helper Service on the C&M??
We got off to a great start.
Communters #86 and #87 pulled off
their scheduled meet in Traverse City
without a hitch.

Back Row: Tom C., Mike, Tom M., Eric, Richard & Steve
Back Row: Bob, Jon, David, Venita & Andy

A Great Crew, although a bit out of focus!