The Dispatcher
Bay Rails Operations - March 17, 2011
Our first operations for Bay Rails 2011 took place on Thursday, March 17th.  We had eight guest
Washington State, Oregon, British Columbia Canada and California.  A widespread group but
they all knew how to operate a railroad.
We had some good statistics (moved nearly 400 cars) which indicates that either we were lucky
or our operators did a good job.  Not sure which it was, but it was fun.  We operated for
approximately 44 fast clock hours (about 5.5 actual hours of operations) so we moved more cars
than one would have expected.
The Operators
The operators included Dispatcher Richard Thom (Coupeville, WA), Yardmasters Jack Tingstad (Coupeville, WA), Steve Schiffman
(Westminster, CA), and operators Al Frasch (Freeland, WA), Barry Anderson (Port Townsend, WA), Bob Hayes (Childquin, OR), Larry
Altbaum (Danville, CA) and Glenn Morgan (Delta, BC Canada).  The mentors were Andy Schnur and Steve Kleszyk.  A great group of guys
with whom I enjoyed operating.
The total number of cars moved was 395 in a total of 41 train moves:
4 1st class passenger trains,  0  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
13  turns (out plus back),  12 through freights
6 PRR interchanger's (3 out plus 3 back),   4 boat interchanger's (2 out and 2 back)
1 Ann Arbor Interchange runs (out plus back),  2  unit coal trains (one south and one north)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
98 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked up/setout a total of
express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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The Operators
Richard stepped up and took the
dispatcher position.  We ran 41 train
moves so Richard was pretty busy.  Steve
worked with Richard at the start then he
took over for the remaining time.  No
changing at half time - he was heard
mumbling something like "I don't need no
stinkin' break!".  That was just before his
therapist told him to relax.
Jack jumped into the Comstock Park
yardmaster job.  Jack worked without much
help for the entire operations and surprisingly
kept the yard open the whole time.  We ran a
lot of trains which took a lot of yard work.  
Thanks Jack.
Our operators look pretty serious.  
clockwise from the left is Bob working the Cadillac Turn with Andy.  The two of them worked well together.
operator Glenn.  He is checking out the Petoskey Turn and making sure things are operating properly.  

Al is certainly looks serious.  He is working the Cadillac turn and making sure his keeps the main open (at
least when the dispatcher is watching!!   Finally, Barry is smiling in Traverse City.  This is just before he
started crying!!!  We ran 13 turns so everyone was working hard delivering cars to our shippers.  Great Job.
The Crew

Back Row - Barry, Jack, Richard, Glenn & Bob

Front Row - Bob, Al, Larry, Steve S., Andy & Steve K.
Good Operations  
meeting new ones.  This was the first of three in a row and I am so glad I had the opportunity to operate three times.
I was a bit stressed at first, but you guys were great.  You put up with little issues (and some big ones too) and I
really enjoyed the entire process.  Thanks for visiting and operating the Chicago & Mackinaw Railroad.
See you next time.
Bob Osborn, Superintendent, Chicago & Mackinac Railroad
Steve took on the Mackinaw City Yard and
did a fine job.  He, like Jack, kept the yard
open all operations.  Steve used road
crews judiciously to help hostel engines
and build trains.  The yard looks pertty
clean in the above pic. Good job Steve.
Junction was
busy all day.  
We had two
turns plus a lot
of meets and
setouts and
Andy and Steve K were the Mentors.  Above,
Andy is discussing things in Petoskey with Bob
and Al.  At the right Steve is working with Richard
at the dispatcher station.
first full then empty.  The GR yard shot has the PRR interchanger in town which makes it
look more crowded than it actually is. Jack cleaned up the yard shortly after this photo.
Oh, Oh, what did I just do?
Consumers Power plant.  I guess we need
to keep those Annie guys happy.