The Dispatcher
Operations - February 22, 2011
We had a great group of people for our operations and the goal was to train new people for the
"skill positions" on the C&M (ie: DS & YM's)

Well, there wasn't much training needed as the 'rookie' DS and YM's did a great job, much better than
expected.  I appreciate Steve, Steve and John stepping up to the tasks.  We didn't move as many cars as
we have in the past, but things ran pretty smooth and everyone kept pretty busy.  Noone died or got bloody
so it must have been a success!  Not many pictures as the Company Photographer was pressed into
service on the road.
The Operators
The operators included Steve Kleszyk (first time dispatcher), Steve Van Meter (first time Grand Rapids Yardmaster), John Sutkus (first time Mackinaw
cars that have been moved in the past at some operations, we all kept pretty busy and we could have used more road crews to move more trains.
The total number of cars moved was 217 in a total of 25 trains:
6 1st class passenger trains,  0  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
8  turns (out plus back),  5 through freights
4 PRR interchanger's (2 out plus 2 back),   0 boat interchanger's (2 out and 2 back)
2 Ann Arbor & Kalkaska Interchange runs (out plus back),  0  unit coal trains (one south and one north)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
58 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked up/setout a total of 10
express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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The Operators
Steve K accepted the invitation
to serve as dispatcher and kept
all trains from running into each
other.  What else can you ask
for!!  Actually, Steve exceeded
all expectations.  Good job
Steve!  Thanks
The two "trainee" Yardmaster did a great job.  Steve V. at Grand Rapids (left) and John S. at Mackinaw City (left)
kept the yards pretty open all operations.  Note the clean yards in the above photos.  This must have been early in
the day!!  Things got pretty busy toward the end of the session.  But as mentioned, both yard masters took just
about everything that was thrown at them.  Good Job.
Move of the Day
The inaugeral Northern Arrow
Except for John, it looks like we had some very happy operators.  Les and Bob look like they are having too much fun.  What was going
on up there in Traverse City.  Les was curious about spotting a pullman "sleeper" at the express depot, so judging from his closed
eyes, he misunderstood the 'sleeper' part of that move.  The crew isn't supposed to sleep, it is the railroad car that gets spotted?!!!?

John and Jeff were fighting for the most trains run in one session.  Jeff won this battle and moved 8 trains, including 2 PRR
interchangers (in and out), a turn and two through freights and John moved 7 trains, a turn, an AA interchanger and three through
freights.  Between the two of them, they moved a total of 147 cars!!!!  Awesome guys.
The Crew
Back Row - John B, Jeff, Steve K
Middle - Andy, John S, Steve V
Bottom - Bob M
(Les had to leave before the pic)
It appeared that everyone had a good time so it was a great operation.  A bit of a relaxed operations (unless you
were a yardmaster!) and we trained crews for new positions so it was a success.  The Northern Arrow ran for the
first time and seemed to work reasonably well and the passengers were pleased (at least I think they were).

See you next time.
Bob Osborn, Superintendent, Chicago & Mackinac Railroad
Here is Bob running the 1st Northern Arrow with John seeming not impressed and
going about his business in Mackinaw City.  Above the #10 is backing into the
Comstock Park passenger station.  At right, the diner has been cut out and #11 is
ready to continue north.
Cadillac to accept and
discharge passengers.  
Another view in Cadillac is
Above: The #11 crossing the Ann
Arbor interlocking.
Above & Right - The #11
is ready to set out a
sleeper at the freight
Above - #11 in Mackinaw City (with alot
of other cars!
Below: #10 in GR Passenger Terminal
awaiting the cutting in of the Diner
Radio Communication
from Fort Wayne to Mackinaw City