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The Dispatcher
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Operations - January 18, 2011
Happy New Year!!    Well, again we had a great crew of 9 experienced operators.  And as I said last
operations, our crew just seems to get better each time out.  Because of our efficient crew, we could have
used that tenth operator again.  The Superintendent was pressed into hogger service to keep up with the We
nearly ran all of the scheduled trains (except for the evening commuters - yes once again, the poor
commuters had to hitch-hike home or spend the night at work).  Express customers are happy again!
The Operators
Andy Schnur volunteered for the DS position and really did a good job.  We moved a ton of trains and Andy orchestrated several 3-way meets.  
Steve Williams and Seth Neumann handled the yards and even with all of the trains, they kept them open most of the day.  The other operators
were Jeff Osborn, John Blunden, Earl Gribovan, David Parks, Les Dahlstedt and Steve Van Meter.  Everyone kept pretty busy and even the
Superintendent was pressed into service again, as a lowly train engineer!
4 1st class passenger trains
2  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
12  turns (out plus back)
7 through freights
4 PRR interchanger's (2 out plus 2 back)
4 boat interchanger's (2 out and 2 back)
2 unit coal trains (one south and one north)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
79 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked
up/setout a total of
15 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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The Operators
the X-325 heading north on the "0" Track, with the Passenger #102 buried on the main track with
the caboose of the SB train on the siding.  The Express track and the Petoskey freight house
other two photos are the #102 and X-325 finally heading north out of Petoskey.
Andy was the dispatcher and guided all of
the 37 (one more than last time) trains that
we ran, without incident (well almost).  It's
Andy utilized just about all sidings to get the
traffic through with several 3 way meets
along the way.  It was a foamers paridise!

You guys just keep getting better!
Here are Steve and Seth.  Seth seems to have the Grand Rapids yard down
Yardmaster, hasn't had that job in awhile and he had his hands full, although
pat.  He kept the yard clear for all comers.  Steve, the Mackinaw City up until
yardmasters got some help from various other crews when needed, but kept
the traffic (all 37 trains) moving.
Move of the Day-Cadillac
The Crew
Above: The first meet of the day.  Commuters #86
and #87 pull off their scheduled meet in Traverse City
forced southbound #87 to add a second RDC for the
morning run.  Good revenue for the C&M.
left & center, the SB #101 and the NB #102 seen
performing their station stops at Cadillac. Above
north with empty hoppers through a busy
Cadillac was a hot bed of activity all day. Above
Cadillac.  Right, the Annie Interchanger made it
down to Grand Rapids and back to Cadillac to fill
and keep our customers happy.
Jeff Working the Cadillac Turn - Jeff may have
needed therapy after finishing the job.  I hope his
7th grade students were good the next day - or look
out!!! (BTW, nice shot of Steve W's Bum in the
I know Steve V needed therapy after
the 9 car Petoskey Turn.  Actually he
did a pretty good job keeping out of all
of the through traffic!  Good job Steve.
Here is Earl on the Walton Junction Turn.  
He loaded countless covered hoppers with
grain without complaining.
Les is working the Traverse City Turn. It
was pretty tight but Les knocked it out in
no time.
Not sure what Dave is doing??  Between
assignments I guess. Dave pulled the Ann
Arbor interchanger and a couple of through
Here is John engineering one of the
Commuters, early in the morning.  
Actually the scheduled meet in Traverse
City took place like clockwork. Steve V,
was the other Commuter operator.
Mrs. Blunden, sorry about the picture!
A full 2/3's of the crew is caught here in one
isle.  Lot's of togetherness here!!
The X-2410 stalled on the Lake City grade (between Cadillac and Walton Jct) so the dispatcher
Cadillac on the main to wait for the helper which came north (above photo on the left) and took
the siding.  Meanwhile the morning commuter #87 was coming south and entering the Cadillac the
siding.  Meanwhile the morning commuter #87 was coming south and entering the Cadillac Station
Track (above right).  The X-2410 was too long to clear both trains so had to saw-by both.  Station
Track (above right).  The X-2410 was too long to clear both trains so had to saw-by both.  
Interesting move!
Move of the Day-Petoskey
Move of the Day-Walton Jct.
Other Cool Shots
Coal Meets Passenger
The SB #101 got stabbed by the Unit Coal Train in Walton Jct.  But only for a little while.  
I think the Coal Train produced more revenue than the Passenger Train, especially after
having to furnish free booze to all of our passengers because we were late!!
Whatever it was,
based on Seth's
have been pretty

By the smile on Les'
face, he must have
heard it too.

Although everyone is in the photo, Steve W is pretty
much blocked by the Mackinaw City waybill box and
Earl has a great flash reflection in the middle of his
face from that same box. (I probably could not do that
again if I tried), Other than that, things look pretty
normal.  Noone is ready for therapy yet - but we will fix
that very soon.
Great Ops - Thanks - We keep getting better, but just
how good can we get?