The Dispatcher
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Operations - November 24, 2010
Wow, what an operations.  We had a great crew of 9 operators (we planned on 10 but had one no show) which is the most
operators we have had in a normal operations in quite awhile.  Our crew is was absolutely awesome and seems to get
better each operations.  Because of our efficient crew, we could have used that tenth operator.  The Superintendent was
pressed into hogger service to keep up with the yardmasters.  Great job everyone, check out the stats which show how
efficient our stellar crew operated!  Unfortunately, we only ran one SB Commuter and all of the express merchandise in our
#101 & #102 Passenger trains either spoiled or otherwise was not delivered.  Express customers were pissed!!!!
The Operators
Jeff Osborn volunteered for the DS position and really did an exemplary job.  We moved a ton of trains and Jeff orchestrated several 3-way
meets.  Andy Schnur and Seth Neumann handled the yards and even with all of the trains, they kept them open all evening.  The other operators
were Steve Kleszyk, John Blunden, Earl Gribovan, David Parks, Les Dahlstedt and Steve Van Meter.  Everyone kept very busy and even the
Superintendent was pressed into service again, as a lowly train engineer!
The total number of cars moved was 359 in a total of 36 trains:
1 1st class passenger trains
2  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
15  turns (out plus back)
10 through freights
2 PRR interchanger's (1 out plus 1 back)
5 boat interchanger's (3 out and 2 back)
1 Ann Arbor & Kalkaska Interchange runs (out plus back)
2 unit coal trains (one south and one north)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
102 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked
up/setout a total of
0 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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The Operators
Above (left to right): Les, looking very serious in Cadillac, running the Extra 479, through train; David, also in
Cadillac, also looking very serious, watching for his southbound through freight to come into town; John and
Steve V. in Petoskey working the first Petoskey Turn of the night; and Earl working the Cadillac turn.  Everyone
is looking very serious.  It is good to have a conscientious crew, but this is supposed to be fun, lighten up
Power Plant.  The Soo Line loaned us
Here comes the coal!  Steve V had
Here comes the coal!  Steve V had
their freshly painted FP-7's to haul
the job of moving the coal loads from
the coal.  Steve is looking pretty
serious trying to handle all that
weight.  Consumers Power is happy
with our stellar service.
the most part, took a back seat, as
evidenced by missing photos of Steve K.
has 66.67% of the group.  Steve V. and Les
had already departed when we took the
picture.  Plus, somehow, Steve K was still in
the building (whereabouts unknown) and
Also, the obligatory Group Shot (right) only
somehow he missed this picture.  Again,
maybe Steve was hiding or is he just
camera shy?

I had a great time, we really worked the
C&M and we will do it all again, soon.

Jeff was the dispatcher and guided all of the
Jeff was the dispatcher and guided all of the
trains that we ran, without incident (well
meets that we had.  Pretty cool.  In fact we
had several more trains ready to run but just
ran out of time.

Great Job Jeff, keep 'em movin' !
Here are Seth and Andy.  They are becoming a pretty good pair of YM's.  The
Here are Seth and Andy.  They are becoming a pretty good pair of YM's.  The
traffic moving.  Great job guys.  You just keep getting better and better!traffic
moving.  Great job guys.  You just keep getting better and better!
Moves of the Day
The Crew
Here is Steve K.  The dufuss
company photographer did not
get a single picture of him all
evening.  He must have been
hiding or he is camera shy.  
This is a shot of Steve from
the archives.  Sorry Steve, I
will not miss you again, I
Here is David in Cadillac, running
the SB X2410 entering the Station
Track and meeting the Cadillac
Turn (on the main) and a NB
Cadillac was a hotbed of railroad
activity all evening.
Left:  Here is the SB
332) Hotshot, 332)
Hotshot, Northwoods
Fast Freight, moving
through Petoskey and
Turn and NB through
332) Hotshot, 332)
332) Hotshot, 332)
Hotshot, Northwoods
Hotshot, Northwoods
Fast Freight, moving
Fast Freight, moving
through Petoskey and
through Petoskey and
Turn and NB through
Turn and NB through
train, Extra 314.  Lots
train, Extra 314.  Lots
of traffic running
through Petoskey and
all of the crews worked
together to move the
freight. (Well, most of
the time).
Not all ran well !
Above: Somehow the SB through train Extra 325
(lower right) was routed through the Cadillac Siding.  
Unfortunately, the Cadillac Turn was occupying the
Cadillac Siding.  Astute trainmen avoided a disaster.  
Most everything else worked well.
engineer, but please don't tell anyone).