The Dispatcher
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Operations - June 15, 2010
The Chicago & Mackinac was at it again.  We had 8 operators plus the superintendent attend the festivities.  We almost
had a full crew of 9+1, but had a cancellation right at the last minute.  Things worked out well anyway, but one additional
operator probably would have helped.  There were a couple of trains that did not get run, but it appeared that a good time
was had by all, despite an extraordinary number of shorts and a number of other issues.
The Operators
Our 8 operators (plus the Super) started with the Dispatcher, Andy Schnur who did a great job.  The Train Sheet was magnificant and I could even
read it!!  Seth Neumann and Les Andy Dahlsted volunteered for the Grand Rapids and Mackinaw City Yardmaster positions, respectively.  The other
operators were Steve Kleszyk, John Blunden, David Parks and Bryn Ekroot.  Bryn was a first time C&M operator but certainly was not new to
operations.  With little direction, he performed great.  Everyone kept very busy and even the Superintendent was pressed into service as a lowly train
0  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
14  turns (out plus back)
7 through freights
4 PRR interchanger's (2 out plus 2 back)
4 boat interchanger's (3 out and 2 back)
2 Ann Arbor & Kalkaska Interchange runs (out plus back)
Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
95 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked
up/setout a total of
4 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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Les was the Mackinaw City bite the
bullet and take one for the Les was
the Mackinaw City team.  He did a
great job in a tough yardmaster
because I asked him to operating
position.  He kept things moving all
evening.  Great job Les, thanks.
Seth looks pretty serious here and he
CP Yard clear and took most
everything thrown at him.  The yard at
whistle.  He even had time to run a PRR
interchanger.  Wow, what a guy!
Thanks Crew Members
I personally had a great time this session and I hope you did too.  I have a lot of work to do before the next
operations, to "de-glitch" some the problems that we raised their ugly head this time.  Not major industry additions
before the next operations so I should have time to do some fixing.  Thanks again, and see you next time.  
The Operators
Here is John running working the
Petoskey Turn.  Old Hand John knocked
it off, plus many other trains (including
his favorite Grind)  with no problem.
exemplary fashion.  He loaded a bunch of
covered hopper cars, creating much revenue for
the Company.  On the right, he is analyzing the
position and, as expected, did a
Andy volunteered for the DS
session with minimal delays,
despite the lack of OS'ing and
communications from the crew.  
Andy looks pretty serious here
but I think he had a good time.  
engineering drawing that I could
actually read!!  Thanks Andy.
Steve Williams is shown here in Traverse
City.  He was an operating dynamo, fired
up to move trains, handling several
Turns.  And, no, his name is not Earl!
Steve K is working the
Cadillac Turn while Bryn is
watching his road train
approaching Cadillac.  
Bryn was a first time C&M
operator but did a great
job, picking up the
operating procedures
without much coaching!
Great job Yardmasters!
Consumers Power Plant.  The inageral run of the Unit Coal Train was
this session.  The Soo Line has moved two of their older EMD FP-7
units to haul the coal to the plant.

Below see shots of the new customer and the train working the power
It's amazing what an
The FRC was called
and the helicopter
recorded the incident

also called.  This is
going to cost them
plenty.  Let's hope
the B&O 50 footer
was an empty.  
None of the crew
had the nerve to
look at the waybill to
value cargo.
was killed
amazingly noone
was hope the that
noone C&M has
paid it's insurance
The Move of the Day (or not)
Walton Jct
Walton Jct all
evening.  Here in the
WJ Turn on the
industrial track in the
siding.  Then along
comes the Unit on the
industrial track all four
tracks are full.  
Below, more action in Walton
Jct.  David and Bryn are
working together to setout
WJ cars.
Here are three
busy operators,
and Les.  
Eveyone stayed
pretty busy all
A Green Light for
Coal on the Chicago
& Mackinac RR.
The Unit Coal Train went well until, on
would take any responsibility for it) left
mainline in Petoskey.  The helicopter
covering the event shot this picture of
the coal train headed into the ITT
Thompson siding!  On the right, things
Thompson siding!  On the right, things