The Dispatcher
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Operations - May 25, 2010
The C&M had been quiet for a couple of months and came to life today.  We originally had a crew of 8 signed on for the
superintendent and Oh what a crew.  Things went well and everyone kept pretty busy.  Our customers were thrilled with the
results.  We moved a lot of freight and hopefully made a lot of money for the railroad.
The Operators
We only had 7 operators (plus the Super) but we moved a lot of freight.  Steve Williams volunteered for the Dispatcher position and did an exemplary
job.  The Train Sheet was unbelievably  complete and I could even read it.  Very Good.  Seth Neumann and Andy Schnur volunteered for the Grand
Rapids and Mackinaw City Yardmaster positions, respectively.  The other operators were Steve Kleszyk, John Blunden, Jeff Osborn and Earl
Girbovan.   Everyone kept very busy and even the Superintendent was pressed into service as a lowly train engineer!
3 1st class passenger trains
2  2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
14  turns (out plus back)
4 PRR interchanger's (2 out plus 2 back)
5 boat interchanger's (3 out and 2 back)
0 Ann Arbor & Kalkaska Interchange runs (out plus back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
93 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked
up/setout a total of
13 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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Andy and I worked on the electronics in
the new 3 Arrival/Departure tracks in
seemed to work pretty well because Andy
kept the yard free all session.  The photo
sure looks like he is having fun!
The Move of the Day
but the C&M World Headquarters
building & the engine house in the say,
Great Job.  The yard never got but the
Great Job.  The yard never got but the
are in focus!  What can I building & the
C&M World Headquarters background
engine house in the overcrowded,
however, there were a couple of anxious
Good Job everyone.

The management apologizes for the lack of photos.  The
Superintendent/Company Photographer/Engine Hogger was pretty busy
most of the evening and moving trains won out over photography.  I'll try
to do better next time.  Seth, again I apologize for the lack of focus in
your picture.  I probably could have used a photo from a previous
session, but that would not have been right!!!
The Operatorss
Northbound through train through
Traverse City.  John is obviously
having a good time.
Here is Jeff engineering a through frieght (out of
through freight trains with a total of 88 cars.  He
was a one-man through freight machine.  We
need more operators that can Move that many
cars singlehandedly!
Steve volunteered for the dispatcher
position with only a minimum of arm
twisting.  Steve was on top of the time
for all trains.  We ran a straight 24
hours and moved 35 trains.  Not too
shabby.  Good job Steve.  You can
dispatch any time you want!
Here is Earl working Petoskey for the first time in
the evening.  He obviously had a total mental
collapse as he took a second Petoskey turn!  I
understand he needed a visit to the shrink after
the session.
Steve K is working the
Grind Job.  He also had a
Grand Rapids yard, the green REA car.

on the #101, passenger train and delivered to
the Grand Rapids Yard.  The GR yardmaster
immediately got it on the waiting GRIND Job
and moved it to it's destination at the Grand
photo, you can see the REA car in the cut of
cars holding on the GR Industrial siding.  It was
spotted right after this photo was taken.

That customer was extremely happy and plans
move Rush moves in the future.  Big Bucks for
the C&M
Here is the NB Extra 314 meeting the SB
#101, the Passenger Local, in Traverse
City.  We had many meets all session
and the DS kept everyone moving.
Great job Yardmasters!
Extra 325
Here is a meet in Walton Jct.  The NB X-325
is meeting the SB X-314.  The X-314 was
setting out cars and working the setout track
Walton Jct got pretty busy.

Note that the 325 and the 314 engines
are both positioned with the long nose
forward, following C&M guidelines!
With the GRIND tucked
SB Northwood Fast
Freight #211, busting
through town.

Oh, Oh, the GRIND
engine is nearly
fouling the main
Will it clear?
that much!  Good