The Dispatcher
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Operations - December 8, 2009
Happy holidays!  We had our holiday operations which included some yummy snack food and a relaxation of Rule G.  We
did maintain a Rule "G-1", (which I just made up) that disallowed open drunkedness and urinating in ones trousers while
operating a locomotive!  Luckily, no-one violated Rule G-1.  That would have been bad!
The Operators
For the first time in a while, we had a full crew of 9 operators and a superintendent.  I think it was the offer of food and suspension of Rule G.  The
minimum of delay. The Comstock Park Yardmaster was, (who else?)
Seth Neumann and Les Dahlstedt volunteered for the Mackinac City
Yardmaster.  As expected, both yardmasters did a great job. The other operators were
John Blunden, Jim Diaz, Stan Keiser,  Jeff Osborn, Andy
Schnur and Steve Williams
(welcome back Steve).  We had some major throttle problems during the operations.  Some of the throttles, approximately
3 throttles out of the 9 total, had reception problems and reacted very slowly to throttle commands.  I have not figured out why yet, but I will be
researching with CVP and the CVP internet group.  I have some theories on why it happened and hopefully will get the problem fixed before the next
2 2nd class Fast Freights (#210)
14  turns (out plus back)
4 through freight
2 PRR interchanger's (out and back)
1 boat interchanger's (out and back)
0 Ann Arbor Interchange run (out and back)

up/setout a total of
6 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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Seth took his usual position as the
Comstock Park Yardmaster in Grand
Rapids.  You know he is having a good
photo.  Usually it all business with no time
for smiling!!  John Blunden (in the doing a
good job
Rod Smith was the dispatcher.  He
moved the trains across the road with
operations, we ran
ALL of the
passenger trains and 2 2nd class
manifest freights.  Great Job Rod,
well.  Actually, I knew you could do it!
The Move of the Day
Yardmaster position.  He did a great job,
as did Seth.  We had a full crew of
whatever was thrown at them (well, most
of the time!).  This was an early on
photo with his yard pretty clear.  Things
got nastier as the night went on.

Thanks for making the
Chicago & Mackinac RR
come alive one more time.
Have a GREAT Holiday
season and we will

See you Next Year!
The Northwoods Fast Freight #102
The Dispatcher
opened the doors a little early and had a bunch of
food  that was good for you(?) and plenty of beer, We
had some holiday food for the operations.  We which
is always good for you!  I think it went over pretty well,
especially "Patty's world famous Pizza Dip".  This is a
"before" view.  The "After" view was not a pretty sight!
First of many meets for the night
came through on the Main.  The southbound extra
143 - the Traverse City Turn is stuck in the "0" track
waiting for a clear track to get to Traverse City.
Three trains in Petoskey- the SB TC Turn in in the "0"
track, the through train on the main and part of the
Petoskey turn in on the siding.
An airplane view of the the D&M RS-3's clearing the
Petoskey turn's caboose.
The northbound drag passes the Petoskey turn's
motive power as it switches the Harbor Springs
interchange track at Bay View Junction.
The Operators
PRR interchanger which is on the siding -
though Comstock Park Yard, meeting the
neat!  Then it is seen moving through Here
is train #102, the northbound 2nd class 16
Canadian National gray 40' steel reefers,
heading to the boat for delivery to the CN.

Here is extra 325, a southbound through freight,
engineered by Stanley, dropping off the Santa Fe
the setout track in Walton Junction on his way to
Grand Rapids.
Jeff working the Grind Job.  Thanks for
changing throttles during the session.  
won't have the problem in the future.
Andy running the passenger train
through Cadillac
Steve in Cadillac - He took two Cadillac
Turns in one night - Masochist!!
Andy & John loafing in Petoskey
Jim running the Northwoods Fast
Freight though Cadilla.c
Stanley & John loafing near Walton Jct.  Looks like
John is loafing again!
Neat Move
Steve, John, Andy, Jim, Stan
Jeff just left the building.

We had a great operation
(with some throttle
problems), moved a bunch
of trains and, I think, had a
good time.

Thanks for making it happen.