The Dispatcher
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Operations - October 20, 2009
We are back.  We had a small crew, small in numbers only, but ran a good session, moved a lot of cars and it appeared
Superintendent/Dispatcher into running a couple of trains.  Here are the stats:
The Operators
City. The other operators were John Blunden, Les Dahlstedt, Jeff Osborn and Mike McMillen, a first time visitor to the C&M and a relatively
novice at operations
.  Things ran rather smoothly.  The yards kept flowing and all the operators were busy the entire session.  Unfortunately, we had
some switch issues, some derailment issues and some motive power problems, but the crew got through those issues and ran the railroad masterfully.
2 1st class passenger trains
8  turns (out plus back)
8 through freight
2 PRR interchanger's (out and back)
2 boat interchanger's (out and back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
52 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked
up/setout a total of
0 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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session.  He even had time to do a PRR
smiling, although I think he was having a
good time!
Superintendent did the
dispatching (a pretty good job, if I
do say so myself).  He also was
do say so myself).  He also was
the Company photographer, so
didn't take many pictures and
none of himself again!!!
The Move of the Day
He is shown here running a through train with
take on another job for a brief period.  Andy
is out of focus, but his train is sharp.  The
photographer knows the important part of the
and needed to pick up 5 southbounds from
Five in and five out, in no time flat!!

The Company plane documented the move
which came off without a flaw.
Random Photos
Turn.  This Turn keeps getting better
above).  Jeff worked that Turn for
several scale hours, setting out cars
for pickup by the passing north and
south bound through freights.  While
Kalkaska interchange.Kalkaska
for making the Chicago & Mackinac
RR come alive one more time.
Photo coming?
Great Job
Thanks for stepping
Cadillac and then several other trains.  
Busy, Busy, Busy.
Here are Les and Mike working the Petoskey
Turn and apparently have a pretty good time.  
They paired up for the Commuter run then the
operations.  Thanks Les.  Good job
Mike.operations.  Thanks Les.  Good job Mike.

Here is a through train going
through the new forested
Northern Petoskey section.  Not
sure if it looks good, but It sure
looks a lot better than it did!!
New Feature
consumed 1 pound, 2 ounces of
Oreo Creamy Chocolate
Obviously, Oreo's must be a favorite for C&M Crew

Totally amazing!!