The Dispatcher
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Operations - September 15, 2009
We had 8 operators with one being relatively new to operations.  We had a couple of problems during the ops, like a
couple of balky throttles and a switch that developed a short, but for the most part, the infrastructure held up over the idle
period.  The superintendent tripled for the dispatcher and the company photographer so the photos were catch as catch
can.  I think everyone had a good time so the ops were a success.
The Operators
We had eight crew members plus the superintendent.  The yardmasters were Seth Neumann at Grand Rapids and Les Dahlstedt at Mackinac City.
The other operators were
John Blunden, Earl Girbovan, Andy Schnur, Rod Smith, Jeff Osborn and Andy Schnur.   We had kind of an unusual
operator.  Traffic is generate randomly so that is just the way it worked this session.  In any case, the lull gave us all time to kibitz.  
3 1st class passenger trains
7 through freight
.5 boat interchanger's (out and back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
72 cars at industrial sidings and in addition, we even picked
up/setout a total of
6 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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Seth is becoming a fixture in the Comstock Park Yard in Grand Rapids.  He has it down pretty well except in this
Again, it is a randomly generated traffic pattern and it worked out to get him this time around.  That being said,
Seth is becoming a fixture in the Comstock Park Yard in Grand Rapids.  He has it down pretty well except in this
Traffic allowed only one Boat pull.  Again, unusual, but Les handled it with his usual professionalism.  Good job
For the second ops in a row, the
Superintendent did the
dispatching (a pretty good job, if I
do say so myself).  He also was
the Company photographer, so
the photos are what they are.  
The Super had a good time, but
didn't take any picture of
The Moves of the Day
Below is Seth doing his thing.
The photos at the left so the first big  
photos at the left so the first big  The
photos at the left so the first big  
extra 325 in northbound on the meet
on the main in Traverse City and The
of the night.  The extra 309 is siding.  
A perfectly executed meet that kept
the traffic moving and the cash
registers (delivered freight) ringing.
Not to be out done, extra 325 meets extra
314 in Petoskey.  To make it even better,
there was the Petoskey Turn working in
Above,  Petoskey people space is at a
premium when you have three trains in town.  
everyone took a shower !!!!!
Here is John working
his extra 314
Random Photos
At the right, Rod is working in
Petoskey and looks like he is
having a good time.
Here is Jeff diligently working away in
Cadillac.  Only had one Cadillac turn
this operation so it was important to
take care of our Cadillac shippers.
John is here working the GRIND job.  
He seems to request the GRIND job.  Is
guess he is just a Grinder at heart.
Wow, these guys look they are have WAY
too much fun!!!  Actually, Franklin and
operations game, Andy tried his best to
"learn" him something.  If nothing else,
they were having fun.  Rod is taking all of
this in!

Here they are again
Nicknamed "The Annie", it
interchange in Cadillac and
the C&M to run to Comstock
RR interchanger tonight.
Nicknamed "The Annie", it
interchange in Cadillac and
uses trackage rights over
RR interchanger tonight. the
C&M to run to Comstock
Park Yard to exchange cars,
then back to Cadillac.  Ron
(not pictured) had the honor
of running the inaugural
Annie.  Rod reminded me
that he ran the inaugural
Walton Jct Turn.  What a
forward thinker!  Note the
AA RR #21 is its unique
orange livery.
Above is Andy enjoying
the view.
The Annie
Here are John and Jeff loafing!!!
one more time.