The Dispatcher
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Operations - June 16, 2009
We had a great crew and everyone seemed to have a good time.  We only had six operators
plus the superintendent and that seemed to work very well.  It is making me rethink the optimal
crew size.  I used to think the more the better, up to about ten operators or more, however, I
am now not convinced that a large crew is necessarily better.  Stay tuned.
We had six crew members plus the superintendent, but we made the railroad hum.  Since we only had 6 operators, the Superintendent took over the
yardmaster positions,  Since
Les Dahlstedt had a very early flight in the morning and needed to leave a bit early, he, along with John Blunden, Earl
Girbovan and Andy Schnur
took over the hogging duties.  Everyone kept pretty busy and the yardmasters even had a chance to get out of the yard
and do a different job.  
0 1st class passenger trains
2 2nd class Fast Freights (#210)
6 through freight
2 PRR interchanger's (out and back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
91 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
0 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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The first meet of the day took place in Cadillac with the extra 325 southbound through train met the Cadillac Turn.
The second meet was the Passenger Steam Fan Trip running from Fort Wayne all the way to Mackinaw City.  The
picture is the PRR M1a, 4-8-2 running through Comstock Park Yard and the second one is Andy watching the big
steamer running through Cadillac.
(not small in stature or size, just
small on numbers) Bob did the
Since we had such a small crew
dispatching as he walked around
the layout running trains and
taking pictures.  It was a blast.
The Moves of the Day
Meets and Steam!
Comstock Park Yard, GR and Jeff
up in Mackinaw City.  Both look
very busy and kept their yards
ready for business.

Below is Jeff running Extra 325
South between Traverse City and
Petoskey.  Yes, that is correct,
Superintendent let the
yardmasters out of their yard to
help run the railroad.  Seth earned
extra pay by running the PRR
interchanger and Jeff did some
mainline work.  I think they enjoyed
Above, is Les working the Grind
Hey Les, let's get your priorities
straight - putting Work before
Operating is just not right!!!

Hope your Dallas trip was good.
Here are John and Earl
Here are John and Earl
Earl was dropping off
Here are John and Earl
through train.  Everyone
having a meet in Walton
through train.  Everyone
through train.  Everyone
had a variety of work.
the Cadillac Turn.  He had
so much fun in Cadillac that
turn in the same operating

I heard that Andy had to
have an extra session with
his shrink after two Cadillac
turns in the same night!
destinations for our cars, ie: PRR and Boat.  Interesting question that
deserves some pondering, which I will be doing before the next
operations.  Also, I will be pondering the crew size for future operations.  
Things went pretty well with 6 operators plus the Super.  I am thinking
that maybe a 7 man crew could be optimal.  

Input on both issues (and any other operating issues) is certainly

Great operations, see you all next time.