The Dispatcher
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We are back to regular operating sessions with the regular crew (mostly).  Things went
swimmingly well.  Maybe, after the last ops, anything would have seem smooth,
however, the crew really did make the C&M hum. The Dispatcher kept things moving
and the yardmasters (all three of them) kept the yards clear and ready for action.  
Great job crew.
The Operators
We had seven crew members plus the superintendent, but we made the railroad hum.  Jeff Osborn volunteered for the dispatcher
OsbornJohn Blunden, Stanley Keiser volunteered for the dispatcher position, Earl GirbovanSeth Neumann.  I know that
statistics don't make the session fun,  was quick to volunteer for the Grand Rapids Yardmasters position  and a first time C&M operator,
but since everyone seemed to be having fun, the stats seem to bare that out!  We started a little late and ended pretty much at or
before 10pm and still generated a pile of revenue for the Railroad.  Best part was that the Superintendent got to run some trains!
The total number of cars moved was 299 in a total of 26 trains:
5 1st class passenger trains
9  turns (out plus back)
7 through freight
2 PRR interchanger's (out and back)
2.5 boat interchanger's (out and back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
74 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of 6 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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left) and the Southbound Commuter #89 (on the right) met right in front of the
Traverse City passenger station.  I think the meet was supposed to be on two
different tracks?  Astute crew members, dispite a glitch in the paperwork,
stopped short of a disaster.stopped short of a disaster.
Jeff volunteered for the key position of Jeff
volunteered for the key position of volunteered
for the key position of into each complete
control of things throughout the Jeff other
(except for once - see complete control things
throughout the the Dispatcher for this
operation.  Jeff had running Move of the Day).  
He was wearing his session and he kept the
traffic moving without session and he kept the
traffic moving without running into each other
(except for once - see the Move of the Day).  
He was wearing his Detroit Red Wings shirt,
but it wasn't enough to help the Wings close
out their series against Anaheim!
left working with the GR YM waiting for his next assignment.  On the right is
the first time C&M operator Earl.  Although it was Earl's first time on the
C&M, he obviously has operated before!  Between John, Stanley and Earl,
they moved a lot of freight (and some passengers too).  Good job crew.
Seth was the first to volunteer for the "skilled" operating positions.  He, of course, wanted to be
was clear all session and no-one had to wait to get into the yard.  You know Seth, you are setting
the bar pretty high for future operations.  Keep up the good work.  Even though, in the photo at
the right, he is out of focus, he was focused on the yard all evening!
The photos above are
of Walton Junction which
had a lot of activity.  
John ran the and the
Kalkaska Interchange.  
A bit challenging, but
John knocked it off with
no sweat.
The Move of the Day
the game his entire shift, but he made the ultimate mistake, he was gloating that he was ahead of
those words, but luckily, the yard was kind to him this time and Andy gave the yard to Les is pretty
good shape.
In the middle,is the "handoff" of yardmaster duties from Andy to Les.  Andy is pointing the finger
(and when he does that, you better listen).  Les doesn't seem very impressed!
On the right is Les trying to figure out what is in his yard!  The Handoff must have worked because
Les kept that yard humming for the entire second trick.
Great job from all of the Yardmasters - Thanks.
Photo 1 is a meet in Walton Jct; 2 is the WJ
turn working the back track; 3 is an overall
shot of John loading empty grain cars and
Photo 4 is a shot of the Grain Train heading
Engineer and company photographer got
pictures of his work, but didn't get a shot of the
most important part - John!!!  Sorry John.
Here is Andy
running his favorite
northbound Local
#102.  He is rolling
up to the Cadillac
station on his way to
Mackinaw City.  He
delivered six high
dollar express cars
on his run.

Here is the 102
heading north out of
Traverse City after
dropping off two of
his express cars
Unfortunately, the railroad was left in such a good
condition, I won't have anything to do before the
next session!!

Great Job, See you next time.

Superintendent, Sometime Conductor & Company