The Dispatcher
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both days but this page is for the Saturday, March 21sth operations.
The Operators
The records dropped like flies today.  We had a full compliment of crew members for the first time in awhile and
operate they did.  Trains were running all session long.  Today's crew was from Washington State, Utah, Arkansas and
California.  In the Washington contingent were:
Barry Anderson, Allen Frasch, Jack Tingstad (all from Freeland),
Springs) and
Gary Peterson was from Utah (West Valley).  Bruce Morden (Carpinteria) was our only guest from
sunny California.  Our two C&M regular crew members were
Les Dahlstedt and Jeff Osborn (#2 son).  What a great
crew.  Good guys and great operators.  We set records for number of cars moved in one session and number of cars
delivered to industries in one session.  The shippers on the C&M are absolutely ecstatic and because of our low wage
base, we must have made money!
The total number of cars moved was 417 in a total of 28 trains:
2 2nd class Fast Freights (#210)
8 through freight
3 PRR interchanger's
3 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
107 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
10 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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Tom took on the Grand Rapids Comstock Pk
yardmaster job.  In this photo, things look like
they are under control.  Because of the volume of
But Tom kept thing going when he needed to
the railroad can make it hum.

It was a real pleasure hosting this group of guys.  Should any of the group get
back to the Bay Area, give me a call and we can get together.  Some of the C&M
the people are great, based on who was here, now we need to check out the
layouts.  And I am looking forward to learning how to make trees in Allen's
upcoming magazine article. We sure need a couple thousand trees on the C&M.

Well that's it for this Bay Rails session.  Hopefully I will see you all soon or at least
in 2 years for the next Bay Rails.

The Superintendent/Company Photographer     
Brakeman Bob Osborn
Allen took over the did
Allen, loosen up a little,
you are making me
tired just looking at the

Great job Allen.
On the left, Jack is working the first Cadillac turn.  He is waiting for the southbound passenger #101 to finish it's
station stop and get out of town so he can get back to work.  In the middle is Richard in Petoskey.  He is a real
gluten for punishment, as he took two straight Petoskey Turns in a row.  I understand Rich made a call to the
suicide prevention hotline on the way home!  On the right, Barry is working the Traverse City Turn.  TC is pretty
tight and I heard that after the session, Barry got the suicide hotline number from Rich!
Tom in Grand Rapids
changing batteries in
Thanks alot guys.  
No-one threw
anything at you or
spilled soda on your
head, so you must
have done a good

Really, Les and Jeff,
that's a million.  
Couldn't have done it
without you.
Freight, train number 210 high balling with a
solid CN reefer train heading for the boat.  As
generator for the C&M.  It is going through
Boardman Lake on the "transistion" level, just
above the GR yard against the wall.  Hey, that
yard looks awful empty!
Bruce handled
Mackinaw City duties.  
MC can Mackinaw City
because it is a duties.  
MC can but, like Tom,
to be problematic both
We started the
session, as
usual, with a
No-one fell
asleep so things
started off well.
Assistant Superintendent are loafing on the job.  Get to work guys, what are we paying you for.  Oh yeah, you
aren't getting paid, oh well.  Charles is on the right.  He also looks like he also is loafing.  I guess he has a lot of
practice, as he has worked for the railroad for many years!  Just kidding Chuck.  Chuck gets the prize for the crew
member coming the farthest to operate.  He came in from Hot Springs, Arkansas.  I wonder if he took the train - no
he couldn't have, he got here on time!!!!