The Dispatcher
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Bay Rails 09  -  March 19, 2009
Chicago & Mackinac RR was in full operation.  We had a great group of operators on
both days but this page is for the Thursday, March 19th operations.
sunny Arizona and one of our C&M layout helpers.  Even though we were 2 men short of a full deck we did a pretty
good job of working the C&M.  Our crew came from Arizona and from various parts of California.  From Arizona, we
Dan Thompson (Tempe) and Dick Vogler (Goodyear).  From California we had Patrick Davis (Acampo),
Jason Hill (San Diego), Jerry Larsen (Modesto), John Sing (San Mateo) and Dave Stanley (Morada).  One of our
helpers couldn't make it but
Andy Schnur did his best to double himself!  After some serious thought, we had two
volunteered for the dispatcher position.
11  turns (out plus back)
5 through freight
1 PRR interchanger's
2.5 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
72 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
10 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
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Jason took the Grand Rapids Comstock Pk
Yardmaster job.  As you can see from the above
photo, the yard was in good shape (at least
when this picture was taken).  We really didn't
run that many through freights so that gave the
YM's a little of a break.
The move of the day:

It was a real pleasure hosting this group of guys.  Should
any of the group get back to the Bay Area, give me a call
and we can get together.  After "tax season" we need to
take a quick trip to Morada (where???) to see what's going
on there.  Arizona is a bit far to go for the day, however,
next time I get there, I will be making some phone calls.

Well that's it for this Bay Rails session.  Hopefully I will see
you all soon or at least in 2 years for the next Bay Rails.

The Superintendent//Photographer
Brakeman Bob Osborn
John reluctantly
volunteered to be the
dispatcher and he did a
fine job.  Trains ran as
smoothly as can be and
didn't run into each on
ago at one of the first
operating sessions
ever.  Things have
changed a bit since
then and John kept 'em
moving without really
knowing the railroad.  
dispatched!  Wow,
good job!!!
Below is Dick working the Cadillac Turn.  
He is stuck in the industrial area while a  
the passenger #102 rolls north.  The the
day) just cleared town going south, so
Dick will be able to get back to work soon.
Here is Dave working the Petoskey Turn and he
looks pretty serious.
Dave did  a great job, but he
cheated because he does this kind of stuff for a
ig.  He has worked the 1:1 scale railroad for many
so he actually knew what he was doing!  
What's that all about?
Patrick is waiting for a
train to run.  Act
because we were a
couple of crew
waited very
long to get a train to

Above is Jerry.  He is working the Traverse
City Turn.  Jerry found out that things are bit
tight in Traverse City.  He is smiling to hide his
Looks like John and Patrick are having a good time.  Hey John,
keep you eyes on the dispatch board.
Dan took the Mackinaw City Yardmaster position.
Things got a little hairy at times, but Dan always
ed things up quickly and got the trains out
Looks like Dan really likes his work!!
We started the session off a
scheduled meet in Traverse
with the two commuter
RDCs. There was
freight train
already in the
averse City Siding.
making life interesting.
So we quickly moved the parked through freight into the industrial
area track, just in time to complete the scheduled meet.  A tight
squeeze to start the ops out.
Here is the move of the day.  It is in Cadillac, early in the day.  The northbound local passenger
train, number 102 (Blue and yellow Pere Marquette E-7), had lots of company in town.  The
Cadillac Turn was working in the industrial area (see the CN engine) and the extra thorough
freight train (C&M 300 class loco) all joined the 102 to make things pretty tight.  Unfortunately, the
passengers had to crawl over the couplers of the extra through freight to reach the station.  
Probably not that big of a deal, as not many passengers frequent that train.  Now you know why!
Andy is up in
Walton Junction.  
He is
waiting to
back to work