The Dispatcher
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Photos of February 10, 2009 Ops
Happy New Year!  
was had by all.  We had some tech problems to start the session and the radios seem
to be misbehaving near the end, but the tech problems cleared up quickly and we
through the radio static.  Besides that we filled up a train sheet plus some and we
moved a lot of freight and express.
The Operators
people we had.  After some debate, Steve Williams volunteered to be the dispatcher and by the way, he kept
everything moving on the main line and no cornfield meets!  
Seth Neuman jumped in early-on and volunteered for
the Grand Rapids Yardmasters job and with a bit of trepidation,  
Rod Smith finally volunteered for the Mackinaw City
Yardmaster job.  By the way, this was the first time he has yardmastered on the C&M and boy did he do a good job.  
Jeff Osborn, Les Dahlsted, Andy Schnur, John Blunden and good ole Alan Cooper (made it back for a
command performance), rounded out the crew.  
The total number of cars moved was 301 in a total of 32 trains:
4 1st class passenger trains
2 2nd class Fast Freights (#210)
13  turns (out plus back)
10 through freight
1 PRR interchanger's
2 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
83 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
12 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Yardmasters
Seth (above) was the Grand Rapids yardmaster
and Rod (below) as the Mackinaw City
yardmaster.  Both yards stayed free of clogs and
gridlock all evening.  One would expect Seth, the
veteran GR YM to keeps things moving, which
he, of course, did, however, it was Rod's first YM
stint on the C&M so I expected a clogged yard.  
NOT.  Things moved well in MC all evening and
trains had very little delays in the yard.  Great
job Rod.  Thanks for volunteering.
The moves of the day:
did not want to work.  Not good if you want to run trains!  The interesting part is that they started working again.  I
would like to take the credit for fixing them, but they sort of fixed themselves.  I think I know what happened but I
wouldn't swear to it.

Also, the interference we were getting with the radios toward the end of the evening was diagnosed (by Les) as low
batteries.  In the future we will have to monitor our battery meters on the FRS displays.
Well that's it for this session.  See you all next time.

The Superintendent/Dispatcher/Photographer
Brakeman Bob
Steve was the DS and he did an exemplary job.  Trains moved
Steve was the DS and he did an exemplary job.  Trains moved
session, Steve actually got to run a train.  It was the hotshot
southbound Northwoods Fast Freight.  He didn't run into
anything.  Not bad for a dispatcher!
I couldn't decide between three cool moves so we have the
moveS of the day.  Above, we had our first rolling meet in
respectively, at the same time.  The company photographer
just happened to be there to take the shot.

Below you will see an unusual three way meet in Traverse
you can barely see the D&M leased units entering the
scene.  The ass. photo guy needs some practice!!
operator had a mis-communication with the DS and
passenger #101 and the Petoskey Turn had a bit of a
standoff.  Luckily noone was injured, the Turn backed off
and the #101 was on his way.
working the New
Cadillac.  new
double XO
worked great.
turn.  It's
Here's Jeff
working the
working the
TC turn.  It's
his first shot at
his first shot at
his first shot at
his first shot at
his first shot at
going in so he
had it
easy!had it
comfortable with
Petoskey.  Looks like
we need to get him a
new assignment!
John is shown Job.  
John is shown an
old hand at Job.  the
think of it, he is just
think of it, he is just
getting to be old!
night were the two commuters, north
advertised at the Traverse City Station.
It was nice to have Alan
nice to have Alan lighten
It was nice to have Alan
but actually ran the road
but actually ran the road
along with operating a
Grind Job.  It looks he is
having fun!