The Dispatcher
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Photos of December 17, 2008 Ops
G for this operations.  It was the last ops of the year and the first with the new track
The Holiday Season is upon us and in recognition of the time of year, we relaxeed Rule
configuration in Cadillac.  We had a small crew so Bob dispatched, Superintended and
Photographed, and we all move a whole lot of cars.  I think everyone kept pretty busy.  
We broke the record for car count on an individual through train.  All in all, a very good
The Operators
As mentioned, the Superintendent performed the dispatcher duties plus was the official Company Photographer,
consequently, not very many photos were taken, but at least there were no cornfield meets.  That's a good thing.  
respectively.  The remaining crew members were
Jeff Osborn, Les Dahlstedt and Sam Romerstein.  Sam,
although an experienced operator, was a first time C&M crewman and seemed to fit in very well and I think he even
had a pretty good time.  Jeff & Les, of course, are young and old, respectively, experienced C&M crew members.  Here
are some pictures of the operations:
1 2nd class Fast Freights (#210)
5 through freight
2.5 PRR interchanger's
2.5 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
71 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
12 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The Superintendent, Bob, was again the dispatcher.  
room in search of problems, questions, loafing crew
spare throttle!  He found all of the above!
The Yardmasters
Seth (above) was the Grand Rapids yardmaster
and Andy (below) as the Mackinaw City
yardmaster.  Both yards stayed free of clogs and
gridlock all evening.  Trains rolled in and out
without much delay.  Great Job yardmasters.  
(What do you think - was it luck??)
The move of the day:
There were many neat moves through out the session, neat
moves.  Not to worry, we did capture (but not too well),
through freight train ever run in a live C&M ops session.

Cadillac station.  Below, the caboose finally comes into view
with Jeff carefully watching his consist.
The rest of the crew kept pretty busy,
rest of the crew kept pretty busy,
paperwork in Petoskey (top right) and
including Les working the Cadillac
finally at the bottom is Sam working the
Walton Junction Turn.
Here are a couple of random shots -
above is the first two way meet of the
the passenger train #101 just north of
Petoskey (I like passenger trains!!).

Good fun - thanks guys - see you next year.

The Superintendent/Dispatcher/Photographer
Brakeman Bob