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Photos of August 26, 2008 Ops
Hello everyone.  The trains were running on the Chicago & Mackinac with a good crew.  
Again this month, we had a last minute crew cancellation so the crew was one man
short and the Superintendent had to step down from his management position and grab
a throttle.  The superintendent had a good time running trains and didn't mess up too
bad, however, like last month, the pictures were a bit sparse.  We seemed to have more
derailments than in the past while but David stepped in & lent a hand (see photos).
The Operators
Steve Williams took on the dispatcher's duties.  This was his first time as the dispatcher on the Chicago
and Mackinac but his has operated on the railroad many time (although usually as a yardmaster).  Steve did
Jim Diaz and Jim Betz.  Jim R usually volunteers for a yardmaster job but he wanted to get out on the road.
Jim Diaz and Jim Betz.  Jim R usually volunteers for a yardmaster job but he wanted to get out on first
timer, first timer,
Stanley KeiserStanley KeiserAndy Schnur Andy Schnur was a real trooper and
reluctantly was a real trooper and reluctantly  who did a good job.   who did a good job.  volunteered for the
Mackinaw City yardmaster when no-one else would.  Thanks Andy.  Usually it isn't hard to get the DS and
yardmaster positions filled but without Jeff O. & Les D. present (they will take any open position) we had
some reluctant operators.  Rounding out the crew was
David Parks and Bart Thurber.   As usual the
Superintendent was
Bob Osborn  who also ran many through trains.  Here are some pictures:
6 through freight
2 PRR interchanger's

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
71 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
11 express loads in our passenger operations.  
Back to Top of
a reluctant group of
volunteers, but Steve
dispatcher job.  
Although he has
dispatched on other
railroads, this was the
first time on the C&M.  
He did a great job.  
Things ran very
smoothly (from a and
the trains kept moving.
The Yardmasters
The Dispatcher
ready to go at the end I
have to do a little Andy
clear all session.  In
fact, the yard was looks
like I won't but looks
like I won't have
anything to do in
Mackinaw City.  Andy a
variety of people.  Left
below, see Jim D and
Jim R (in the back with
his hat on backwards!)
lending a hand (or are
they getting in the
The move of the day:
Stanley, Jim D, Andy and Jim B.  
What a group!

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks
everyone,  See you next month.f
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Here comes the northbound PRR
interchanger lead by two Pennsy
high powered C-425's and
running through the GR industrial
every op session. (right)
interchanger crew, David Parks (right).  is
all being taken in by the PRR Nothing
being taken in by the PRR thing, as we
interchanger crew, David Parks (right).  
dispatcher who notified the Grand Rapids
dispatcher who notified the Grand Rapids
YM who drove down to the GRI Rapids YM
YM who drove down to the GRI Rapids YM
who drove down to the GRI and moved
who drove down to the GRI and moved
C&M 325 back to the yard.
Here is a shot of the DS before
things got going.
going.  Notice a difference? No wonder
no-one wants to be the DS! <g>
time yardmastering on the C&M.  He
also left his yard ready to go for the
duties.  As mentioned, this was his first
next session.  Our yardmasters are
getting too good.  I don't have much to
do between ops.  Come on guys, leave
the superintendent something to do!!


But wait, what is this?  It's C&M engine
Joe Brown & Son's Scrap yard and
A phantom engine - how did it get
there? (we will never kinow)
Finally, the PRR
interchanger continues
on it's way thru the GRI,
to Comstock Yard (left).
Top - Jim B is busy working the
Cadillac Turn.

Above, Bart is busy working the
Petoskey Turn.

Both are making money for the
direct from Fort Wayne all the way to the Mackinaw City Boat - an all reefer express train running as a 2nd class
train with timetable authority.  Well, here is the 210 running north through Comstock Park Yard in Grand Rapids
clearance &
then leaving CP
Yard heading
north with a train
Here is the big hook, 0-5-0, re-railing the reefer (left).  The train, lead by the pair of
the big hook completed it's work (center and left).  This was, unfortunately, a
foretaste of things to come.  For whatever reason, David seem to have more like,
half of the rolling stock fleet.  Thanks David.  Looks like we need a session for
rolling stock maintenance!