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Photos of July 31, 2008 Ops
I had a nice treat this month.  My brother Lee was here for a short visit so we called for
an unusual Thursday evening operating session.  We ended up one member short of
a full crew so the Superintendent grabbed a throttle and ran a lot of trains.  Because of
that, we did not have a full compliment of photos to support the session.  In any case,
everyone kept pretty busy and Lee operated for the first time in nearly 20 years.  So
thanks crew for making it a good evening.
That situation put the pressure on right from the beginning and it didn't seem to let up much all evening.  Les
was a trooper and in the end prevailed.  The Mackinaw City Yardmaster was
Jeff Osborn.  He took the job
by default, as no one else volunteered.  Thanks Jeff!  The Grand Rapids Yardmaster was
Seth Neumann
position operators.  Now for the guys that wouldn't volunteer (the smart ones):  John Blunden, Rod Smith,
10  turns (out and back)
9 through freight
3 boat interchanger's (out and back)

Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
61 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
14 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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We had two dispatchers at this op session.  Les started it out and as
handled things very well and kept things moving as well as could be
handled things very well and kept things moving as well as could be
everything worked out just fine.  Good job dispatchers.
The Yardmasters
The Dispatcher(s)
Jeff was the MC YM (right) and Seth was the GR YM (left).  Jeff is literally
twiddling his thumbs for lack of work.  Seth, on the other hand, had his
hands full of work. The pictures below bear this out.  It seemed that Jeff
was waiting for trains all evening and Seth was waiting for an open track all
evening.  That's  the way it went.  Both yardmasters did a great job
keeping their yards open, although one had to work harder at it than the
The move of the day:
Hey crew, good job.  I think
moved some trains.
we had a lot of fun and we
Thanks everyone,  See you
next month.
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Here is Traverse
City with the local on
the mainline and
heading south in the
heading south in the
it's caboose on the
Here is a meet in Boardman Lake
Here is extra 314 going northbound  
through the north woods!!
crowded.  Here is John and
Seth working Cadillac and
running an extra.
Rod is switching the Andy
is working the express
track with  passenger
Traverse City Turn and
Andy is intently watching
Andy is intently watching
(but all of the time thinking
(but all of the time thinking
"get out of my town!!")
The two dispatchers are working
closely!  Les is dispatching and Rod is
running the Grind Job in Grand Rapids
Industrial district.
Here are Jeff and "Uncle Lee" hanging out at Mackinaw City.  On the
right is Lee running a southbound extra through freight through
Cadillac on the mainline.  He hadn't operated in many years, but a
hogger never forgets his skills.  (assuming he had some skills to start
Petoskey.  Now David is
other foot.  Andy is running
saying under his breath,
will this guy please get out
of my town so I can work!!