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I was running late the entire month of June so we ended up having the June
Operations in July!  It was the 1st so it was only a little into July.  We had a good crew
with one experienced, but first time C&M operator and one first time operator, period.  I
believe the railroad ran decently, however, we did have more "shorts" than normal and
districts to minimize impact of a local short.
The Operators
Rod Smith volunteered for the dispatcher's position.  He needed only one more dispatcher session to earn
his merit badge and he got it at this ops.  Since Rod had dispatched the C&M before and is pretty familiar
with the railroad, things went pretty smoothly, as expected.  The Grand Rapids Yardmaster was
He has run that yard in the past so we expected big things from Jeff and he did not disappoint.  
Things got pretty full for awhile but Jeff kept things moving and took everything that was thrown at him.  The
yard ended up in pretty good shape.  The Mackinaw City yardmaster was
Sndy Schnur.  Andy had run the
Mackinaw City yard a couple of times, but he got pretty busy this ops.  He was a real trooper and took just
about every train heading his way.  Great job by all of the "skilled" position operators.

Bart Thurber (first time C&M operator) and a guest of John's Bill Veteran.  This was Bill's first time as an
operator at any layout and he did a pretty good job.  I don't think we scared him away, but we probably came
close!  I am not sure that Bill ever knew that a bunch of wackos like us get together each month to run trains!  
As usual the Superintendent was
Bob Osborn  who also ran some trains.  Here are some pictures:
The total number of cars moved was 269 in a total of 30 trains:
4 1st class passenger trains
2 2nd class Fast Freights (#210 & #211)
12  turns (out and back)
7 through freight
5 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)
Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
83 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
15 express loads in our passenger operations.  
one more dispatching gig to pull it off.  He did it
so Rod is now certified!  I would imagine that
this is the last time he will volunteer for Here is
the dispatcher, Rod.  He was trying to
dispatcher in the near future!!  Rod did his
usual fine job, keeping trains from colliding with
can take his certification down to Starbucks
with a five dollar bill and buy a latte!!
The Yardmasters
The Dispatcher
Jeff was the GR YM (left) and
Andy was the MC YM (right).  
From the pics, it appears that
they are both having fun.  The
traffic flow was good for Jeff, not
so good for Andy (check out the
Move of the Day, below.  Both
YM's kept the railroad rolling by
The move of the day:
made some money for the I
think everyone had a good
profit when your employees
Thanks everyone,  See you
next month.
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taking everything that came their way, even if there was no room in the
yard.  Good job YM's and thanks for taking one for the team!
pictures are not the clearest, it is easy to see that all 7 tracks in the
Mackinaw City yard, including the passenger track, were full or nearly
full.  In fact, the three track Boat Yard, which normally has one track
jammed, so does that mean that it will be GR that gets jammed next
Even with blurry pictures but you can
get the general idea!
Yard - it is all filled
on the right foot with a meet of #86
and #87, the morning Commuters, in
Traverse City, right on the advertised.  
Below you will see that we got started
Things went downhill from there, as the
Traverse City, right on the advertised.  
a lack of crews.  Take your pick!)
A sneak peek at what is to come.  The
was placed in it's future home.  Can't
wait to get it installed.  Les is scratch
building the structure and if it looks will
increase in stature greatly.  
Here are YM Jeff and
operate a railroad.  
Not sure what they
Bill, Jeff and John all
did a very good job.
Here's Stanley working the
focused.  Since a bunch of
focused.  Since a bunch of
trains went through Cadillac
while he was working, he
needed to be on his toes.
As I said, there was lots of
activity in Cadillac!
Here is Bill (left) and Bart (right) working an extra north through Cadillac and the
frames in the black Pere Marquette gondola in front of Bart.  They are going to
someone please tell Bill that he is an engineer and I am the Here is Bill (left) and
Bart (right) working an extra north through Cadillac and the
superintendent/brass hat.  I should wear the tie!!superintendent/brass hat.  I
should wear the tie!!
Les and John round out the crew.  They are the "gray hairs" of the group and
can handle anything that is thrown at them.  Here they are working Petoskey and
Traverse City, respectively.  (Well, I'm ready to go - wait - what is this car doing
here? Sound familiar John!)
planted grass growing near and on the more
am growing grass in my Garage!