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Photos of April 22, 2008 Ops
Tax season is over so it's back to running the railroad. We had a late crew cancellation
dispatcher on hand.  The session went pretty smoothly and apparently no-one looked
at their watch, as the session ran a good 30-45 minutes longer than normal.  
Consequently, our one-line customers and our interchange partners were very
pleased, as we moved a whole lot of freight and even a couple of passengers.
The Operators
no-one else would take the job - pressure from his father I am sure - thanks Jeff) and the Mackinaw City
Usually a difficult position to fill, Rod stepped up and did a great job.  (only one operator error mainline
Now for the guys that wouldn't volunteer (the smart ones):  John Blunden, Les Dahlstedt, Jim Diaz and a
first time C&M operator,
Don Morenzi.   As usual the Superintendent was Bob Osborn  who also ran some
trains.  Here are some pictures:
13  turns (out and back) (another new record)
5 through freight (a record low)
2 PRR interchanger's
3 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)
Online customer deliveries/pick ups totalled
98 cars at industrial sidings and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
14 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The wrecks of the day:
crew. We broke several
Here is the record setting
crew. We broke several
records in this session and
we were a man short of a full
crew (or is that a card short
of a full deck? you decide).  
job of the Superintendent
had something to do with
this record performance,
Right!?  In any case, nice
job crew, your check is in
the mail.  See you all next
job.  What was wrong with him,
before??  He must have know what he
all session.  Good Job Rod.
late in the day and
something went amuck!  
The Pennsy Cabin the
the C&O 50' boxcar.  
outhouse.  That would
have really raised a
stink!  No blood, no
foul.  The C&O boxcar
was empty.
Andy (left) in Mackinaw City and Jeff (center & right) in Grand Rapids.  Both men kept the railroad moving.  
They accepted into their yard everything that headed their way.  
You can't ask for more than that.  Good Job Andy and Jeff.
Jim (left) and Don(right) up in Petoskey.  
Jim was running the Petoskey Turn while
Don was running the Northbound #102.  
The top picture shows that the town was
full of trains!
We started out right.  Here is the meet
of the two RDC commuters in Traverse
City, right on the advertised!
Here is wreck #2.  The super-
Fast Freight #211.  Things
intendent was filling in as a Jct.
local crew (who will remain
unnamed until after the switch
open.  The Super was  
asleep at the throttle, didn't notice the open switch and barrelled into
rear end of the local.  Again, no blood, no foul.  Just spilled the
investigating all of the wrecks on the C&M!conductors coffee while
waking him up!!  The #211 just backed out of
The Grain Job (Walton Jct Turn)
Michigan Framers Co-Op with
local grain heading tonight.  
The Northern throughout the
country.  Top right - it looks
like John is Job had to use the
Station Track to get through.
the Cadillac
Turn engineer,
Grain Job as it
Grand Rapids
relegated to the siding through Grand
clear path through.  Below - #210 takes
the Station Track to get through
Cadillac.  The Northwoods Fast Freight
fun working the
Cadillac turn.
C&M.  He ran passenger
a couple of turns.  We
kept him pretty busy and
he looks happy in this
picture.  A gluten for