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Photos of March 25, 2008 Ops
It's still Tax Season at my office, but we are still operating season on the C&M.  We had
a full operating crew and had a great operating session.  
pressure involved.   The Grand Rapids Yardmaster was Steve Williams (his first time as GR yardmaster)

The other operators were
John Blunden, David Parks, Les Dahlstedt and two new C&M operators,
Bob Moore and Jeff Rogers. The Superintendent was, of course, Bob Osborn.  Here are some pictures:
1 2nd class Fast Freight
10  turns (out and back)
5 through freight
3 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Online customer deliveries and pick ups totalled
72 cars at industrial sidings and in
addition, we even picked up/setout a total of
10 express loads in our passenger
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The move of the day:
Here is the crew.  They made
Here is the crew.  They made
Here is the crew.  They made
Here is the crew.  They made
silk.  The mainline and both silk.
were all busy, but the railroad
were all busy, but the railroad
run as smooth as seemed to be
pretty clean and free for action
all evening. Good job guys, I
think we made the railroad
some money.  Not totally sure
of that, as our bookkeeping
system needs some help,
anyone know a good CPA??
Andy was the dispatcher.  He was a
little hesitant when he "volunteered" for
Bottom photo shows Andy being busy.
is a pure reefer train and
running non-stop to ferry and
delivered to the Soo Line in
Rapids with C-425's 332 and
331 at the point.  We need to
get those units into the paint
The middle photo shows a
neat meet in Traverse City
setup by dispatcher Andy.  
Traverse City was pretty full
of trains.  Not sure any of
them were moving, but the
town was full of them!

Finally the #210 heads up
toward Petoskey with its high
priority cargo.
Jim was the Mackinaw City yardmaster
time.  Just wait until his yard gets jammed!
business in Grand
Rapids.  Things
business in Grand
look pretty clean
Steve was all now,
but wait - the look
pretty clean action
will get more
intense as Steve
did a fine job in
their yards.
Here is David working
the yard.  It runs up to
industrial track.  
industrial track.  

Dave pushed all of the
loads through the
loading doc, then had
and ran back to
Comstock Pk Yard with
the loaded grain
covered hoppers.  

An enjoyable and
prototypical train on
the Chicago &
Mackinac Railroad
class #102, northbound through Cadillac.
#102 had to thread it's way though town
The above two pictures are of the first as
Marquette E-7, plus several head end
express cars, an RPO, a Baggage car
and a coach.  It was two hours late out of
Grand Rapids.  We had to serve the
passenger some of the crew's hard
whiskey to keep him happy!
Les started with
and then road
crew skills by
running many
road freights.  
having fun.  I As
usual Les think
he fakes it!?!
Petoskey working
the Petoskey
Turn.  He also
knocked off the
GRI Turn (now