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Photos of February 26, 2008 Ops
It's Tax Season at my office, but it is still operating season on the C&M.  We ended up with a
small crew (small only in number, not is operating expertise and other attributes!), as we had a
couple of operator cancellations.  So we ended up with 5 visiting operators plus the partners
The Operators
We had the killer "J's" in the yardmaster positions:  The Grand Rapids Yardmaster was Jeff
(his first time as GR yardmaster) and the Mackinaw City yardmaster was Jim
(he did the MC yardmaster job last in the January Op/LDS ops session).

The other operators were
John Blunden, Rod Smith and Andy Schnur.  The
Bob Osborn was the dispatcher and a road operator.  Dispatching was a
breeze with the lower number of operators so Bob had a chance to "run some trains" as
well as keeping cornfield meets to a minimum.  Here are some pictures:
11 turns (out and back)
3 PRR interchanger's
3 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Online customer deliveries and pick ups totalled
83 cars at industrial sidings (not
including the Walton Junction and Kalkaska Branch setouts/pickups) and in addition, we
even picked up/setout a total of
11 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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The move of the day:
Superintendent was the dispatcher and
away from the tracks).  

didn't crash into anyone, despite the
Here is Rod working the
inaugural Walton
Junction Grain Train.  
Grand Rapids yard and
where it "worked" the
Northern Michigan
Framers Co-Op.
Here you can see the
hoppers being pushed
loading shed.  Rod
indicated that it took
about 1-2 minutes (fast
time) to load each
covered hopper.
After loading, the Grain
Rapids yard, where the
Cadillac, heading south
After loading, the Grain
switch the loaded cov.
Cadillac, heading south
Rapids yard, where the
switch the loaded cov.
GR yardmaster will GR
yardmaster will switch
the loaded cov. switch
hoppers into a PRR
hoppers into a PRR
hoppers into a PRR
hoppers into a PRR
interchanger to move
south to Fort Wayne.
The first killer "J" was Jeff who took
control of the Grand Rapids yard for
There were times that it looked like he
pulled it out and left his yard is very
good shape.  Andy is seen helping Jeff
with some yard work.
The second killer "J" was Jim shown here working the Mackinaw City
yard.  He, like Jeff, got some help from Andy to keep his yard working
well.  Jim worked the Mackinaw City yard in January so he was an
"old hand" at Mackinaw City and handled his yard accordingly.  Good
job Jim.
City Turn.  He kept the railroad
profitable all by himself!

The photographer tried to get a good
picture, but considering the subject
matter, it was not easy!!!  Hope your
wife approves.
was running our passenger
trains #101 and #102.  He
delivered 13 express cars
during his two passenger
train runs.  While waiting for
with their duties.
up so #210 had to use secondary tracks to get through, but get through it
high priority refrigerator train running directly from Fort Wayne to the
Mackinaw City Boat for expedited delivery across the Straits of Mackinac to
the Upper Peninsula.  Then it returns south with southbound priority freight
Take the siding, the Northwoods Fast Freight is comin' through and he's just
a flyin'.