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Photos of January 27, 2008 SIG Meet Ops
The combined Op & LD SIG meeting was held on January 26th in Santa Clara.  This ops
session was part of that meeting.  We had nearly a full crew with 8 visiting operators.  Two
operators had operated on the C&M once before about a year ago and the other six operators
somewhere around 3 to 3:30pm with a break for lunch.  We operated an extra 6 fast clock
hours or so, so our numbers were up a little higher than normal.
We moved a lot of cars and I believe we all had a good time.  I know I did.
The Operators
We  had a total of 8 operators and the Superintendent.  The Dispatcher was Rod Smith,
the Grand Rapids Yardmaster was
Alan Cooper and the Mackinaw City yardmaster was
Jim Radkey

The road operators were
Mike Maggiolo, Dave Grenier, Phil Gulley, Pete Cressman
and Ray Freeman.

Here are some pictures:
The total number of cars moved was 324 in a total of 32 different trains:
6 1st class passenger trains
2 2nd class Fast Freights
10 through freight
4 PRR interchanger's
2 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)
Online customer deliveries and pick ups totalled
56 cars at industrial sidings (not
including the Walton Junction and Kalkaska Branch setouts/pickups) and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
13 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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I had a great time.
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The move of the day:
dispatched before and never ran on
ever tell Rod never to volunteer??

Trains moved very well and noone had
to spend the entire session in the and
cars and since we don't pay our crews,
I am sure the railroad must of made
money today!
siding and a train took the siding.  A southbound through
sawed by through the station track.

Unfortunately there were no pictures of this notable event
because the superintendent/conductor was running train
102 and left his camera back in Grand Rapids.  The
superintendent needs to think ahead the next time!!
pretty happy here Alan
although I don't know
why.  Look at his yard,
Alan volunteered for it
the Grand Rapids Pete
is in the Yardmaster
job.  He background
trying to figure out why
Alan is so happy
to all of those
Alan must have
We moved a lot of freight in this session.  Below are a couple of pix of the action.  Through Freight going
through Cadillac (left), lots of action in Comstock Park Yard (center) and one of many meets in Cadillac (right).
City yardmaster job.  Right until the end, the
yard remained pretty clean.  Pete ended up
lending Jim a hand in the second shift.

Here is David working Petoskey (left), Ray working the Kalkaska branch (center) and Mike (right)
working the Grand Rapids Interchanger.  Looks like everyone is working!  David wins the "I came
from the farthest away" award, as he trekked in from Clovis.
Phil is shown here working the
Petoskey Express track with the
southbound Local Passenger
train #101.

Phil was the runner up for the "I
came from the farthest away"
award as he came in from Auburn.
Phil and Pete work with Jim in Mackinaw City.  Jim needed all the help
he could get!
Note -
Rule G
was in