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Photos of January 22, 2008 Ops Session
It was the last operating session of the year for the Chicago & Mackinac Railroad, but we had
a very good turn out.  In fact, we had the largest operating crew ever for the C&M, with 10
operators and the Superintendent present.

Below you will find a variety of photos, unfortunately, some are not as sharp as we usually
photos, here are the stats for the night:
The Operators

We  had a total of 7 operators and a Superintendent.  The Dispatcher was Andy Schnur, the Grand
Rapids Yardmaster was  
Seth Neumann and the Mackinaw City yardmaster was Steve Williams.  

The road operators were Les Dahlstedt, John Blunden, Stanley Keiser, Jeff Osborn.  We were
went well with the operators that we did have.

Here are the pictures:
7 through freight
2 boat interchanger's (estimated - out and back)

Online customer deliveries and pick ups totalled
56 cars at industrial sidings (not
including the Walton Junction and Kalkaska Branch setouts/pickups) and in addition,
we even picked up/setout a total of
5 express loads in our passenger operations.  
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Andy took over the dispatching
duties for this ops session.  He
did a great job.  Trains moved
smoothly all evening.
Here we are in Cadillac.  
lowly southbound extra 196, a low
Mackinaw City.

placated by free drinks so
everything worked out well, except
the passenger woke up with a

After being stabbed by the extra
drag freight, Train #102 as further
humiliated by being relegated to
the siding in Walton Junction while
passing a through freight working
the industry from the mainline.  
The passenger didn't notice as he
was inebriated by this time!
Here are the yardmasters, Seth at
Mackinaw City.  Both did a great job
and kept up with all of the traffic.
Here is Les working
the Cadillac Turn.  He
finally found the
carcard holders on
Stanley is up in
Petoskey working the
Petoskey Turn.
the passenger #101
had to dodge some
freight in Cadillac.  
Jeff is here running
service gets no
respect on the C&M!
John is here in Walton Junction
working the grainery but unfortunately
won the award for the most time in the
you will see a drag freight going south
hole waiting for trains to go by!  Below
you will see the passenger train going
Interchange yard to allow the trains to
worked 2 GRI Turns in
the same session.  He
must be a glutten for
The GRI customers
were very happy with
the service.