Layout Photos
Here are some photos of the layout at various stages of construction, starting at
room prep and going through current.  I will keep adding photos as things progress.
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Room Preparation:
The layout occupies a California
basement (a two car garage) and this
is the "
Before" photo.  This is what I
started with in June of 2003!
After adding a pull-down stairway to the
garage attic and doing some major
clean-up, fix-up and paint-up this is what it
looked like before the benchwork began.

You will notice in the bottom picture, some
of the new electrical circuits installed.

Note the air conditioner at the right.  After
the benchwork was fully installed, I changed
air conditioners, installing a substantially
larger unit.  Unfortunately, I had to rip out all
of the benchwork to make the change.  
Obviously, bad planning on my part!

This is what it looked like sometime around
September or October 2003.
This is my friend Bob helping
me with the new wiring.  

We added four new circuits
with a switch for all of the
layout power and a switch for
the lights.  A 30 Amp circuit
was also added for the air
conditioning unit.

Subsequent to these photos,
I added a wall mounted,
outside vent, gas heater.

By the way, Bob is recovering
Here are some pix of general
construction efforts.  All walls have
been fully insulated, the ceiling
insulated and enclosed.  Framing
added as needed.

There is a 10' high peaked roof on
the garage, so I laid plywood floor in
the attic and installed a pull down
stairway for access to it.  It is now
used for much needed storage.  The
stairway was located in the middle of
an isle way
Here I am while working on the ceiling
Here is my son Jeff, the school
teacher, giving me a very appreciated
helping hand.
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