Layout Photo Tour - Page 4
A quick photo trip around the layout - continued
The layout is always changing but this is a snapshot as of May 2009
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Mackinaw City, Michigan
The above photo is
Mackinaw City Yard.
This is a view looking
south from the
classification tracks.  
The yard has four
classification tracks (on
the left), the siding, the
main and the
passenger track at the
far right.  The engine
and industry tracks are
located at the upper
left of the photo.
Photo above - (looking north)The two tracks at
the far left (to the left of the RDC) are the boat
yard tracks.  They lead to the car ferry, the
Chief Wawatum (see the
Intro section of this
website) where the cars are transported across
the Straits of Mackinac, to St. Igance in
Michigan's Upper Peninsula.  Since the C&M is
a bridge line, lots of traffic traverses the line
from Fort Wayne to the Upper Peninsula via
the "Chief".

The boat yard is our "staging tracks" for the
north end of the railroad.
Left Photo - The Chicago & Mackinac
Railroad uses the EasyDCC system from
CVP Products, with nine wireless throttles,
two tethered throttles for Grand Rapids
Yard and two more throttles on the
command station (CS) if ever needed.  
The command station is located on a
slide-out drawer just below the engine
facility and programming track in
Comstock Park Yard.  The CS is seldom
used during operations.

Knowing absolutely nothing about DCC, I
plugged the system in and it has worked
flawlessly  ever since (except for some
early-on operator errors).  I would highly
recommend it to anyone.
color strip on the top (added by the printer).  These color strips are coded by type
of car and related loading.  For instance, an orange strip indicates that this waybill is
a loading for a boxcar and a blue strip indicates a waybill load for a refrigerator car,
etc.  This helps the operators (and the superintendent) properly bill the various cars
when necessary.  We do not want frozen fish being shipped in a gondola car!
(however, sometimes it happens)!!

The above right photo is of the card box for the Grand Rapids, Comstock Park Yard.
You will notice the pack of cards in the Mainline box with engine 314 in the front.  
You can tell by the all blue waybill color codes, that this train is "hot", as it is an all
reefer express train (The Northwoods Fast Freight #310/#311).  I believe the color
coded loads also help operators find cars while working a train in the yard or at
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The C&M uses the Car Card & WayBill (CC&WB) system to route cars to their proper
destination.  We use standard library card pockets as Car Cards to hold standard
3X5 cards we use for the Waybills.
and to generate the actual 3X5 card
waybills.  Office Depot sells clean perf
edge 3X5 cards which I run through

You will notice that each way bill has a
To the right is the Mackinaw City Arrival/Departure
yard, with three through tracks and three stub end
tracks.  This pic shows the Unit Coal train and the
Northwoods Fast Freight (left two tracks) on the
stub tracks.  They both just came off the boat and
are ready for the YM to get them ready to go south.
The two trains on the right are on the through
tracks and are ready for a crew to take 'em south  

Below is another view (track level) of the A/D yard
looking north from the south end of that yard with
the same trains as on the right.
To the left is the station board that
was built by my brother, Lee.