An engine facility with a variety of power and cabooses
Layout Photo Tour - Page 3
A quick photo trip around the layout - continued
The layout is always changing but this is a snapshot as of May 2009
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Traverse City, Michigan
Traverse City is located at the south end of the
Grand Traverse Bay, a beautiful, thriving
vacation destination in northern Michigan for
well to do Chicago residents.  In addition to
tourism, Traverse City, in the 1960's, had plenty
of railroad activity.
These photos show some of the trackage in
Traverse City and some of the various
industries that use the transportation services
of the C&M.  Traverse City is served by an
out-and-back turn out of Mackinaw City yard.
Since there is not much space in our model
Traverse City, just like the prototype, switching
operations are pretty tight.
The photo on the left is the
trackage looking north out of
Traverse City.  This track is
directly above Cadillac (above the
Cadillac valance) and Petoskey is
on the other side of the blue
backdrop on the left. This track is
approximately 4 inches wide and
virtually unnoticeable while
standing in front of Cadillac,
however, the track is slightly higher
than my eye-level (about 70" off of
the floor) so when a train is on that
track it is very visible and I get a
fantastic view.  This is my favorite
spot to watch trains on the C&M.
The details of Traverse City:
Traverse City is built on a mere 3' by 8' sheet of plywood and is 63" above the layout floor.  Traverse City is operated
from a 10" high small platform/step that folds out of the way when not in use.  With the platform/step, the actual
operating height for the City operator is 53".  I find that height okay (I am 6' tall), which is fine for a 6 footer like
myself, but could be a tad high for shorter operators, especially for switching near the back of the benchwork (not
much to switch back there, but it could be a problem in the future). The trackwork is located directly above my
workbench.  Traverse City is a tight little switching area.
Petoskey, Michigan
From Traverse City, we switch over to the C&O (ex-Pere Marquette) trackage north to Petoskey.  Petoskey is another
resort community where affluent Chicago executives and their families vacationed.  

However, in the 1950's the City of Petoskey actively encouraged business to locate in their city, by offering land,
granting tax breaks and other incentives.  The campaign was highly successful and, in spite of being a quite resort
town far away from the automotive capital of the world, Detroit,  Petoskey developed a good industrial base mostly
centering around the automobile industry.  This base fostered much railroad activity which is still going strong in 1967.
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At right is a wide angle photo of Petoskey. before much
scenery and the backdrop was installed and below is a
more close shot of the south part of the City. All of these
photos are before the addition of backdrops and trees.
(see photos below)
Above is the McLaughlin Company and at the right is
the Petoskey Transfer Terminal and the Petoskey
News Review (at the left of pic)
Right - Perry Oil
foreground and
Right - Perry Oil the
Company in the
Company through

Here are various pictures
of the downtown Petoskey
area.  The backdrop is
made up of actual
photographs of downtown
Petoskey and the Little
Traverse Bay, on which
Petoskey is located.

These photos are all
individual frame
snapshots of the videos
located on the
tab of this web
site.  The freight train is a
Southbound manifest
through train and the
passenger train is the
Arrow, train #10.

Unfortunately, these
shots are the only ones
showing the backdrop
prior to tearing down the
At the right is
the Michigan
Maple Block
To the right are shots of the
309, a C-425 lugging a
RS-3 traversing the area
north of Petoskey on the
way to Mackinaw City and
a leased PRR with a  third
southbound through freight.

And finally, there is the
#10, the northbound
Northern Arrow traversing
the cut.
Above, the new Chateau Grand
Traverse Winery in Traverse City.

Below, things are busy at the Chef
Pierre Frozen Foods shipping and
receiving facility.  Chef Pierre was one
of the largest employers in Traverse
City since the 1950's.
Below- Parking lot of the Grand
Traverse Winery, looking out to the
Grand Traverse Bay (actual photo)
Above are two separate photos placed together to show the Traverse
City area.