Layout Photo Tour - Page 2
A quick photo trip around the layout -
The layout is always changing but this is a snapshot as of May 2009
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Cadillac, Michigan
Cadillac is the first city on the line
north of Comstock Park Yard.  The
top photo is looking north from the
south end of town.  Cadillac is a "U"
shaped city and is located directly
below Petoskey utilizing the
mushroom design concept.  Here you
can see Auto Valve of Cadillac, and
Inland Lakes Machine Works.
The above photo shows the new
Cadillac Passenger Station.  It looks like
a busy day at the station.   Most of the
industrial businesses in Cadillac are
related to the automobile industry,
which in 1967 was going gang-busters
in Michigan and throughout the nation.  
Below is a photo looking south across
the tracks from the station showing
Michigan Rubber Products across from
the station.
Right is a shot over
the roof of the
Cadillac station
looking south
around the corner at
part of the industrial
switching area south
of the station.  
Here are two photos of the Cadillac
Produce Terminal scratch build by our
good friend and regular operator
estraordinaire, Les Dahlstedt.  It is
located at the north side of Cadillac.   
This is another picture of downtown Cadillac
taken looking south at the town.  You will
notice the Ann Arbor RS-1 nosing into town.  
He is on the AA interchange track waiting for
clearance to interchange his cars down in
Grand Rapids.  The Annie usually plays hell
with the Cadillac Turn!
Cadillac is located 50" off of the layout room floor and the benchwork is about 18" deep.  I find
this to be an ideal operating height for a person that is 6' tall, like myself.
Walton Junction, Michigan
Walton Junction occupies a corner on the way from Cadillac to Traverse City. Here is the
Northern Michigan Farmers Co-Op grain elevator.  A "turn" comes out of Grand Rapids each
day to "work" the grain exchange.  It is aptly nicknamed the Grain Job.  There is main and
passing siding plus a setup track and a grain loading track.  It is a fun job.
Boardman Lake Siding
Boardman Lake Siding is located along the
wall over Comstock Park Yard.  It is located
on the "transition grade" about half way
between Cadillac and Traverse City.  This
stretch of track connects the two main decks
of the layout and is a pretty constant 1.5%
It is up and out of the way, but unlike a helix you can still see your train the entire way between
the two cities. The siding can hold a 15 car train.
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The photo of the south end of Cadillac (right),
again illustrates the shadow box effect utilized in
continue our photo journey north on the C&M.

This photo is prior to any ground cover and trees.
Note - You can see a small part of the Fort Wayne staging yard below Cadillac.  This is the entrance to the
staging loop.  So at this point, the layout is triple decked (Fort Wayne staging on the bottom, Cadillac in the
middle and Petoskey on top).  However, because of the mushroom design, while you are operating in Cadillac
or in Petoskey you really only see the deck on which you are operating or viewing.  No real "operations" take
place in the Fort Wayne staging yard (at least not yet).
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Arbor Railroad.  C&M operators need
to be aware of the absolute signal
protecting the junction.
At the left is the new downtown
Above  -  Here is a Detroit fire Company truck on exercises in Cadillac.  The C&M
was not effected by the Riots because the riots were mostly contained in the
downtown Detroit area.  (Detroit fire truck is compliments of Jeff's  father-in-law,
Mark Allmendinger.  Thanks Mark!
Just north of Walton Jct is a single
track stretch just scenicked.  It looks a
lot better than it did!