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The foreman is upstairs checking things out.
The creator of the CPT, Les Dahlstedt
A busy scene.  The trucks are ready to go.
An arial view
Lots of details included.
The New Cadillac Product Terminal Building
A closer look at the details, including the Company dog!
The CPT in action
Here are some various photos of the Cadillac Product Terminal
in action.  Great job Les,  Thanks a million.
The Cadillac Produce Terminal
section of the City of Cadillac on the Chicago & Mackinac RR.  A very good friend of
the C&M, Les Dahlstedt, scratch built the structure for the railroad and installed it on
July 3, 2008.  It looks great and creates just the right feel for Cadillac.  Our reefers and
other produce cars now have a fitting building to deliver their goods.  Once again,
thanks Les.  I really appreciate it.